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U.S. $30,000.00


1996 International 4900 with a DT 466 engine auto trans 28ft Danco Roll back bed and a 16,000 pound national crane Truck has 22,666 actual […]

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CAD $280,000

2015 Peterbilt 389 H

2015 pride & class Peterbilt and 2014 Loadking b-train.  

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Nice new ARI job

Trucks September 13, 2016

Dave & Mary Beth Wilmot picking up their new Volvo with a 144″ ARI Rear Door with U-Shaped Kitchen. Just wanted to say thank you! This is a pretty one in Porsche Yellow!

The bed folds down from above the dinette and stores for convenience.

For those of you wondering, yes, there is a shower unit in this job. Right in front of the sleeper.

More from ARI – they’re in our directory (click here).

nice-new-ari-job-7 nice-new-ari-job-5

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ARI Legacy Sleeper with Hardwood Interior

Trucks September 10, 2016

ARI Legacy Sleeper with Hardwood Interior

Here’s a combo sure to catch some of your eyes out there. A big 379 Peterbilt outfitted with a new ARI custom sleeper unit.

ARI just finished this one this month. Matching the natural green paint, natural wood interior furnishings. Walnut. Besides that wood, the interior’s totally upholstered, even the ceilings.

The bedroom area has an overhead cabinet set that wraps around in a semi circle. Wondering about that net on the bed? It’s for safety when someone is asleep while another driver is going down the road. Sleeping seat a belt, is what’s going on there.

ARI’s message about the custom job:

“Rick & Dana Spohler picked up their new ARI Legacy Sleeper today! This custom unit was designed to the Spohler’s specifications with beautiful walnut hardwood, solid surface countertops, and lots of great diamond tuck! We mounted the new sleeper on their beloved 379 Pete! Cookie-cutter? I don’t think so. Safe travels Rick & Dana! We appreciate your business!”

ARI is probably the first name that you think of when you think of custom legacy sleepers for semi trucks, although there are some strong competitors, each with their own unique style differences, besides the benefits of various companies just based on close proximity of their factory location. ARI has been at it a long time, and they started out with a goal of providing custom sleeper market options better than any at the time.

They had experience coming in, as four of the seven original ARI-ers worked in the custom sleeper industry before starting their own company. The other three brought other experience to the table though: two worked in the RV industry and the third was an owner-operator. You can see how this team had a lot of bases covered going in.

ARI states that while there are other custom sleeper manufacturers (and we feature some of their great work here on this site as well), they maintain one goal which sets them apart from them all:

“[A] strong commitment to the customer and, because one of our original founders was an owner operator, we understand what it’s like to be broke down in Montana in the winter season while knowing that a few extra minutes in engineering or in production may have prevented down time. We understand that down time does not pay the bills. With our sleepers, we try to take the worry out of owning one and we honestly believe we build the best sleepers on the road.”

For more of ARI’s work, find them in our directory of custom sleeper builders.

ARI Legacy Sleeper with Hardwood Interior

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Pride and Polish Winners

Community, News September 5, 2016

Well, this year’s Pride & Polish has ended. And this year’s six winners have been announced. The culmination of the events took place at the Great American Trucking Show Saturday.

In addition to the six winning trucks and the winners of all the other categories, from interior to engine, there were also five more named Best of Show at the general P & P event, kicking off the coming year’s phase.

The winners:

  1. Joe Regalado’s 2000 Peterbilt and CTS dump; National Champion, Working Combo
  2. Jon Eilen’s 1990 Peterbilt 379; National Champion, Builders Class Bobtail
  3. Sid Calangelo’s and Kyle Cousins’ 2015 Kenworth W900 Icon; National Champion, Working Bobtail
  4. Mike Manuel’s 2015 Peterbilt 389 and 2017 MAC curtainside; National Champion, Builders Combo
  5. Jordan Jay’s 2015 Peterbilt 389 and Western flatbed (pictured here as a curtainside); ational Champion, Limited-Mileage Combo

For more information about the full event, as always the place to go for Pride & Polish is Overdrive.

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About that VW Emissions Scandal

Community, News September 1, 2016

VW Emissions Scandal

What’s the deal for the company and car owners?

For the ambitious Volkswagen, it’s been an ongoing nightmare. Sales are down. Prices are lower. And it’s not much better for its stockholders. Their value was down 38 percent on a recent two-day period. But what about owners?

The EPA emissions scandal that surfaced just over a year ago seemed to be a death sentence for Volkswagen just when their worldwide ambitions were surfacing. But on the other hand, maybe not.

VW recently introduced its new Golf Alltrack wagon, which has helped generate some optimism for the future. More than 40,000 units are committed to the market next year, dealers say.

Despite all the bad news, VW’s US head Hinrich Woebcken says it is the start of the way back to respectability.


“Product. Product. Product.”

What he also means by that is the American (and maybe worldwide) recognition of giving someone a second chance.

“One thing which is great about your country is you guys give people who did a mistake a second chance,” said Woebcken.

He has been the mastermind behind the German company’s efforts to be more of a major player in the US market.

He was widely quoted as telling auto writers:

“I believe we have today, with that car, a good start for this momentum.”

He sees VW’s revival as stemming from the new model, as well as the arrival next year of two cross-over models. They are specifically designed to appeal to American tastes.

Volkswagen to its credit was forthright in its admission of guilt: Fairly early on in the investigation, the company admitted that 11 million of its vehicles were equipped with software used to cheat on emissions tests.

The issue now for VW is what will happen next.

But what about owners: regardless of the future VW actions?

Diesel versions of the Jetta’s, Beetle’s and Golf models from 2009 to 2015 are affected. Audi’s during that time are also impacted. Also the 2014 and 2015 Passat diesel.

Owners have the option to sell their cars back to VW or wait for an emissions fix, which is an unprecedented action. It would cost VW up to $10 billion.

VW will have to spend billions more on environmental remediation and electric-vehicle initiatives.

What this all means is that VW is hardly out of trouble. Some models are still under investigation with no settlement deal yet. And despite all the publicity and media accounts, there is still confusion about who perpetuated the deception.

Volkswagen’s agreement to compensate customers still has issues with investors. The automakers faces 1,400 lawsuits, according to one estimate. They are mainly from German investors.

The U.S. has tougher diesel emissions standards than Europe, where such cars are far more common. Meeting those steeper requirements can mean reductions in fuel efficiency and performance, making it tougher for an automaker like VW to advertise their diesel cars against more typical vehicles in the U.S.

The only advantage the car maker could have gained from the deception was in advertising.

It appears that even if it had not happened, any benefits were virtually non-existent.

So the moral here is a simple one.

Honesty is still the best policy.

By David Wilkening

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No More Traffic Jams

Trucks September 1, 2016


This is the proposed redesign of University Parkway and State Street in Orem.

“We are looking at each intersection along University Parkway,” said Eileen Barron, spokeswoman for the Utah Department of Transportation. “[T]he design team identified grade separation as a possible option to help move people through the area more efficiently.”

The intersection at State Street is the third busiest in Utah state — behind only intersections in Taylorsville on Redwood Road at 4700 South and 5400 South.

Here is another proposed intersection idea, although this one wasn’t for the Orem intersection. What do you think?


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Radial Engine in Motion

Planes September 1, 2016

Radial Engine in Motion

These engines were developed to prevent engine stall in fighter planes in a dog fight as for vibration a specially designed fly wheel will counter vibration.

More performance with less cubic inches.

No water cooling making it simpler to make and maintain. It is also very very resilient to battle damage. Pistons could be shot off and the engine still run. They were also very powerful. Some examples had up to 18 cylinders and more.

For that reason P-47s were still used in ground attack roles in close support of infantry in WWII up till Vietnam. Outliving the P-51s although the P-51 replaced the P-47 as a bomber escort fighter.

A bullet striking the P-51s engine block will bring down the plane.

While the P-47 will smoke but will bring the pilot home.

The propeller acts like a flywheel.

What about the engine with fixed crank and movable cylinders, the Red Baron Engine? They’re called rotatorys.

Early Harley Davidsons used radial engines. That’s why they are so loud and vibrate so much. The V twin/L twin in many bikes is the same concept just with fewer cylinders.

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Truck Art by Truck’art

Trucks September 1, 2016

Truck Art by Truck'art

This is some of the work by truck hand-drawing artist who goes by the handle of Truck’art Bob.

We’ve been watching this guy for a while.

Yes, guys and gals, he does all kinds of trucks, and I’m sure he’s available for special art commissions. He also sells prints and t-shirts. Make sure to check out some of Truck’art Bob’s pictures, and also check out the photo of Bob and his display. If you want to contact him, click here to go to his sales page.

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Hand-built Metal Truck Sculptures by Jamie Schena

Trucks September 1, 2016

This is some of the work by Australian industrial designer/artist Jamie Schena.

It’s bespoke handmade custom metal sculptures built by eye. Email Jamie for prices: jamieschenadesign@gmail.com

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