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U.S. $30,000.00


1996 International 4900 with a DT 466 engine auto trans 28ft Danco Roll back bed and a 16,000 pound national crane Truck has 22,666 actual […]

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CAD $280,000

2015 Peterbilt 389 H

2015 pride & class Peterbilt and 2014 Loadking b-train.  

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More RV Ideas

RVs June 20, 2016

Our “More Cool RVs” and “More RV Ideas” series starts here (click here to go to first page).  You can start anywhere though, and you’ll eventually end up back at the beginning. For the next page after this (page 5), click here.

13. Wall mount coat racks for entryway shoe storage. Coathangers, that’s right. And they can be used to hang brooms and mops and ironing boards as well.

14. Under camper for fishing poles/outdoor carpet. With just some PVC pipe and some mounting hardware, you can store cumbersome long things like fishing rods, carpets, broom sticks and more.

15. Why the heck didn’t I think of this? Provide your RV with an extra outside water faucet. Why not? It’s strange, once you see this idea, why it isn’t already used everywhere, is it not? Just one extra piece of hardware to add in, too.

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More Cool RVs 4

RVs June 20, 2016

The Utlimate Teardrop Trailer. It Has a Tent

Our “More Cool RVs” series starts here (click here to go to first page).  You can start anywhere though, and you’ll eventually end up back at the beginning. For the next page after this (page 5), click here.

10. The Utlimate Teardrop Trailer. It Has a Tent. Because a teardrop trailer is great for one or two people, but less so when it becomes 4 or 5 people, you want to either go and get a bigger travel trailer, motorhome, or bring a tent along. In this case, they found a solution by packing a tent and then opening their teardrop trailer into it, maybe so they can keep an eye on the people inside, or maybe just so they have more room, including standing room. How are the two things connected? Snaps on the vertical, snaps on the horizontal, snap it to the roof and the outer wall, and it doesn’t mean much sewing. You can also buy SUV Tents for SUVs (click there to find them) that can be modified.

11. Lil Snoozy Small Travel Trailer. A bit bigger than a teardrop, but not much. Still something many people would consider small and easy to park. It just has the one axle as well. Looks like a nice flat roof to put a boat, kayak, or storage rack on top of. They make these Lil Snoozy’s in South Carolina. Here’s what the exterior looks like:

And here’s the interior:

12. The Terrapin is Casual Turtle Campers‘ new model. It’s designed to look something like the ones that were built in the 50s and 60s.

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More Cool RVs 3

RVs June 20, 2016

Buy a Teardrop Trailer and Travel the Land

Our “More Cool RVs” series starts here (click here to go to first page).  You can start anywhere though, and you’ll eventually end up back at the beginning. For the next page after this (page 4), click here.

7. Rugged Offroad Teardrop Trailer to Go Anywhere. These teardrop trailers look almost like military units, or maybe they’re built mostly by survivalists and bug-out hobbyists. Not only do they have rugged tires, but they also have a utilitarian design that includes fuel/water storage, roof racks, propane area, as well as the usual kitchen area and sleeping area teardrop trailers are known for. These ones here are made by a company called Oregon Trailer, and its their TerraDrop. Here’s the exterior:

And here’s the interior of the TerraDrop travel trailer teardrop unit:

8. Buy a Teardrop Trailer and Travel the Land. Does it give you that idea? That you could potentially pick one up, fill it with your camping gear and some clothes and books, and travel around the country, staying in campgrounds and on city streets? I’m not sure who makes this little aerodynamic model.

9. Casita Patriot Deluxe. How CUTE is this little camper? This trailer looks like it would be so low-maintenance and so unobtrusive parked in a driveway or yard, and then hitched up easily and towed to the lake or campground for a picnic any afternoon.

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More Cool RVs 2

RVs June 20, 2016

Outfitted VW Van for Camping

Our “More Cool RVs” series starts here (click here to go to first page).  You can start anywhere though, and you’ll eventually end up back at the beginning. For the next page after this (page 3), click here.

4. Super cool A-frame RV pops up from a little trailer package. A-frames might make more sense when it comes to little travel trailers like this one. You pop the walls up and there you go, you have camping space.

5. Teardrop Trailer for Camping in the Woods. I’ve seen some kits for these teardrop trailers. Some are rounded like this, and some are boxy units which seem like they would be easier to build because of joining. All you really need is a good lightweight trailer bed and some plywood.

6. Outfitted VW Van for Camping. Who at some point in their life didn’t consider trying to get a VW van? It’s the style mostly, right? A lot of us end up comparing them with Chevy, Dodge and Ford vans and going with an American model because of the relative advantages like ease of fixing, parts availability, power, more common, rust, fuel economy, but the look of these bubbles on wheels is always interesting.

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More Cool RVs

RVs June 20, 2016

Teardrop trailer with pull out kitchen

Our “More Cool RVs” series starts here (this page).  You can start anywhere though, and you’ll eventually end up back at the beginning. For the next page after this (page 2), click here. RV trailers catch our attention, and sometimes we see things that we want to share, so we’re putting together this page, and we’ll be adding to it as we go along, when we find cool RVs, motorhomes, campers, trailers, vans and ideas that go along with them.

We’ll talk about them first, and then everything we talk about here will be shown in pictures, too. You can expand any of the RV photos and then return to this page if you want.

1. Slide out camping unit

A lot of people bring along a BBQ when they take their travel trailer on the road, and wheel it out. But these people have made a unit that slides out and is a counter / kitchen / food prep area!

2. How about this “Tiny Yellow Teardrop” trailer? Set up like that in either a campground or in the wild, it looks like a decent afternoon with that picnic blanket spread out!

3. Expandable teardrop campers with solar panels. Nomatter what the vehicle is, it seems almost like most of them will eventually be outfitted with some kind of solar panels.

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Vintage RV Trailer Park Still Exists

RVs June 19, 2016

Who has ever wanted to stay in classic RVs of their choice? Apparently, there is still a trailer park full of classics that are available to rent for the night as rooms. It’s the Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona.

“Built in the 1950s by the pride of Wichita Kansas, The Valentine Manufacturing Company, this authentic diner was originally purchased by John Hart in 1957 and delivered to the corner of Ventura and Topanga Canyon Blvd in Los Angeles. The diner was transported by flatbed truck to the Shady Dell in November, 1996.”

These photos were originally shared by the blogger of Wheels and Waves a few years back. He usually blogs on motorbikes, especially choppers it seems, as well as some travel stuff, and is definitely worth a look if you’re into that stuff.

It looks like this park has a boat as well as a bus as options!

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1963 Volkswagen 23-Window Microbus with Camping Trailer

RVs June 19, 2016

Volkswagen 23-Window Microbus with Camping Trailer

How about this classic RV? Not often you see something that’s a classic, an unusual set up, all matching, and filled with interesting theme-friendly appliances like this custom 1963 VW Microbus with a camping trailer … and 23 windows.

Is this van / trailer combo aqua or sea green? In any case, the whole thing is color coordinated, even the luggage!

There’s a bit of woodgrain in the interior, as well as some period piece curtains, but the fridge (it’s a Dr. Pepper fridge) is also blue-green.

This elaborate classic RV vamper / trailer combo is by SYCHOACTIVELECTRICITY, who posts stuff to Tumblr.

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Aerolux Teardrop Trailer 1940s

RVs June 19, 2016

Aerolux Teardrop Trailer 1940s Styled DIY Kit

They sold a couple of these (they’re 7-piece kits) on eBay not too long ago, so a search for them there and on the other classifieds sites might turn one up at any point. The one I saw they were asking just under $2,300.

“The idea to design and build the AEROLUX came about in 2012. We felt it was high time a tear drop trailer with some really cool design cues echoing the 1930`s 1940`s and 1950`s car design themes was available to home builders. Teardrops are way cool, we all know this but 99 out of a 100 are very slab sided and lack any real style. Thats why we spent two years and a LOT of money to design, build and now market the AEROLUX TRAILER STYLING KIT to you guys. You are the folks who want to put something really cool looking, but at the same time very practical behind your 1932 Ford Woody, 1947 Dodge sedan, 1953 Chevy pick up or whatever. And so the AEROLUX has been designed to be built as a standard 8 X 4 trailer. Can you just imagine this baby decked out in the same two tone color scheme as your antique ride? Just towing it behind a Jeep Cherokee stops people dead in they`re tracks so imagine the impact and curb appeal it will have behind your classic!!

“Just think about the business it would draw simply parked out front of your store, sign written with whatever you do or sell. Imagine the customers it would reel in just going to a small trade show and opening the rear hatch to display your wares. We have one guy who sells craft beer at shows and his idea is to put his kegs safely under lock and key inside the AEROLUX and then when he opens the rear hatch, hey presto there are the beer taps and he is ready to make money, the hatch even keeps rain off on inclement days!

“Another guy who is a plumber saw our Green demo trailer and said. “Man, I just spent $28 grand on a brand new Chevrolet Express van and then another $1800 have is wrapped in graphics and no one even LOOKS at it when I`m at a stop light”. He then went on to say “People just don`t notice a new van with graphics, they are all too busy talking on the cell or texting, checking the weather and so on. But if I had this baby nicely sign written behind just a plain Jane van they would be taking phone pictures, sending a picture to friends, giving me the thumbs up, man I would get all kinds of business! ”

“Yep, the possibilities are endless with the AEROLUX. Whether you want it for huntin, shootin an` fishin or having big fun at car shows with the family or just simply advertising your business. The AEROLUX is an out and out winner and there is no limit to the custom possibilities to deck this baby out both inside and out. You can make it as plain and spartan as you like or fit it out with heat and A/C, a sound system, a minimal kitchenette or go all out……………… The only limit is you, the builder, or whoever you care to write a check to so you can have your dream tear drop built.”

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