Ford Mach 40

It took 11000 hours, but the result is outstanding. This is a mixed Ford GT and 1969 Ford Mach 1. to already classic muscle machines blended into one. Ultimate mixrod!

It was built by Eckert’s Rod and Custom, and documented by DIY Garage. The goal was to make a mid-engine concept based on a 2006 GT 40 super car combined with features of a 69 Mach 1, but also to keep performance in mind and not just the original style combo. Power wise, we get the following with this machine:

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“The power train, a 5.4 liter DOHC GT super car motor (salvaged from a wrecked Ford GT), was upgraded so it has a Wipple 4 liter supercharger along with drive-by-wire throttle. In addition the motor was converted to a flex-fuel system. The base horsepower can be dialed in, literally there is a dial control in the car, from 660 to 850 HP.  It also has auto and manual traction control.”

Although the goal was not a modern looking machine (despite using a 2006 GT 40), this car is being discussed as one that could be produced for the modern market. You can definitely see both the GT and the Mach 1 in its lines. But does it also might remind one of the new Charger series. Worth the effort? Eckert’s put in 3 years of work to make this, so it better be!

Ford Mach 40 - Ultimate Mixrod