Is a new Ford Thunderbird coming out?

A new Ford Thunderbird? 50 years have elapses since the first Thunderbirds were rolled off the assembly line, but their popularity hasn’t let up, with 11 generations in total.

And with the popular continuance of other muscle cars like Mustang, Camaro, Charger, why not another T-Bird? It only makes sense. And there are rumors from industry insiders, as well as ongoing designs that keep coming out, since the last Ford Thunderbirds were released in 2005.

The main question seems to be the market. Ford could build a new T-Bird easily on the existing Mustang because the new Mustang has an independent rear suspension – necessary for luxury and performance consumers. But would people buy it?

The design is probably the most key here, so we’re sharing a few of the looks proposed. The last 2005 Thunderbird was not overwhelmingly popular, and people tended to refer to it as “cigar-shaped” and not exactly as modern as they’d like.

The New Ford GT500

It’s here. And it’s going to be powerful. Over 700 horsepower powerful. It’s the new Ford Shelby GT500.

Muscle car fans are getting excited. Ford has now brought out their new GT500 at the recent Detroit Auto Show, and it looks as tough as the details sound! As far as Ford history goes, this will be the most powerful street legal model they’ve made, with a supercharged 5.2 liter V8 Eaton blower pushing 12 psi with above 500 horses – its the same supercharger in this Shelby GT as is used in the 2019 Covette ZR1!

Also of note: they’ll be using a Tremec 7-speed dual clutch transmission for super fast shifting (under 100 milliseconds) according to the manufacturer.

The popularity level is already going crazy. The first model of the 2020 GT500, model #001, has already sold, for $1.1 million dollars at Barrett-Jackson – it was actually a bid by B-J’s chairman and CEO Craig Jackson. The price for regular purchases will obviously be a lot lower.

Toyota Brings Back the Supra

The Toyota Supra is back with a brand new edition. It’s been 21 years since the last Toyota Supra was produced, and the company is looking backward and forward with this new model. Now the company thinks its time for a new 2000GT-inspired Supra (the 2000GT is still a super-popular car, and was Toyota’s first worldclass sportscar in the 1960s – they’re so popular still they sell for over $1 million at auction.)

Also, the Supras produced in the 90s are still very popular cars. In part this is because of how well they stack up against other cars of the same era and class. European sports cars were more expensive, and the Supra is still famous for allowing owners to modify it to a high degree, both the body and also the engine. Everyone has seen customized Supras, right? People have really pushed that 6-cyl to huge horsepower ratings.

What about power?

The 2020 rear-wheel drive Supra will be made in Austria and will come in 4 (mostly for non-North American markets) and 6 cylendars. The 6 will have 33hp and the 4 will have between 197 and 255 hp. The expectation is that the 6 will run a 7:40 on track.

The price will be $50k plus $1k for destination charge for the 6 cyl, with the 4 being less expensive.