The 2019 Camero Is Here To Give You An Attitude Adjustment

The Chevrolet Camaro has always been advertised as a lean, mean machine. It looks aggressive, its colors are bright and fierce, and it has remained one of the most favorite sports cars in existence. The newest Camaro is no exception, and might even outdistance its predecessors in terms of design, color, and handling. Curious about what the 2019 Camero has in store for its future drivers? Keep reading.

First off, the design has been revamped just enough to give it an update without losing the classic Camaro look. It has become a little slimmer, a little more angular, and has enough attitude to cow any other car on the road. Not only does it have new looks, it has new smarts too, including updated technologies and new features, including a 10-speed automatic transmission option for those who want to try it out without having to learn how to drive a stick shift. The engine is a new 2.0L Turbo 1LE, which means this Camero might literally take your breath away.

There are four new color options, including a bright blue, a reddish orange, and two shades of grey metallic. My particular favorite of the new color options is the reddish orange, called “Crush”. It makes the Camero pop, providing even more of a stand-out look as well as accenting the Camero’s newer, cleaner curves.

There are still the convertible and coupe options, but they’ve both been re-worked in various areas to usher in a breath of fresh air to the line. New grilles, sculpted hoods, LED halogen headlamps, and chrome inserts make this bad boy look even sharper, a predator of a vehicle ready to take on the prey of lesser vehicles and the open road.

A unique to the Camero rear diffuser and blacked-out tail lamps serve to enhance the maniacal grin of the Camero, bringing it from solemn to sinister. With several 20″ wheel options, you can also customize the tires due to where you’ll be driving the most, whether that’s the highway, speedway, or those curvy back country roads. There’s no way people will try to cut you off in one of these, and if they dare, you’ll simply need to touch the accelerator and leave them behind in the dust.

With the advent of a return to older styles and models, it’s refreshing to seen a company like Chevrolet taking a great vehicle and not ruining it, but instead refining it, sharpening it and improving upon an already great product to ensure that it reaches future generations of drivers. It’s encouraging to know that despite the trends, there will always be vehicles that stand the test of time.

These intimidating, exhilarating vehicles will be available Fall 2018, but if you simply can’t wait, you can go ahead and start putting your custom build together on the Chevrolet website. You can also read up about the standard features and additional options, new paint colors, compare prices, and find a dealer near you. You can also schedule a test drive when the time comes.