Volkswagen Deluxe 23-window Samba

How many windows does your vehicle have? Uh, mine has as many as a train.

Volkswagen has been the quintessential reliable vehicle for many decades. The Volkswagen van has given its owners plenty of years of travel and fun, plus dependability. This deluxe 23 is no different from the Volkswagon today in that it is stylish and has a unique look, but it also gives you the dependability of yesterday. This piece of history was actually found in the woods of Oregon state and is a treasure at any auction, public or private sale. There are many classic car lovers who are seeking not only a classic form of travel but a permanent dwelling as these vehicles are now being used as “tiny homes”.

The Deluxe 23 was restored sparing no monetary funds and transformed into a gorgeous red and white classic vehicle that has award winning potential. As a matter of fact this vehicle has won an award at present for “Best Luxury Bus”. The award was presented in 2017, April 23rd. Whoever decides to give this Volkswagen bus a home will be getting all that the Volkswagen label stands for, attractiveness and reliability. Two things that are still sometimes hard to find in modern cars and vans.

A similar model was recently sold at an auction for $236, 639, an astronomical price but well-suited for the type of restoration done on this particular type of vehicle. This sets a precedent for this specific Volkswagen Deluxe 23 at auction. It should stand out above the rest of similar styled vehicles and draw to it, the perfect buyer who can appreciate this style of van. So far, the highest record set for this style of Volkswagen is $302, 500. The most recent price paid at an auction for this model, that is the second highest record, is $291, 500. Even if you plan on using this van as your traveling home, it is still cheaper than most mortgages and will be a unique home while traveling the highways.

The Volkswagen classic has truly come into it own over the last couple of decades becoming among one of the most popular sought after vehicles. With 5 windows on each side of the vehicle and sunroofs/moonroofs on top, this vehicle is perfectly suited for traveling not just the highways but long distance as well. With the amount of work that has been put into this Deluxe 23, an owner can rely on it being safe and dependable while on long trips across the country. Or it can be parked on a lot of land during the cold seasons and utilized as a permanent or temporary home.

Certainly, a vehicle to show off, the next owner will be driving a showpiece that rivals many of the classic cars on the road today.

2017 Monterey Auction Preview 2: Volkswagen Samba van found in Oregon woods could break auction records


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