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This page has (or will have) links to lists of events for auto enthusiasts wherever they are. If you know of a list of auto events that is a good list, please add it in the comments section below. If you add one in the comments, please write the region and add the link to the website page. For example, you might write “British Columbia —”

So here’s the list:

British Columbia, Canada: Auto Events BC

That’s it so far. I live in B.C. Hoping some of you guys will know your areas and comment them below. Then I’ll add those to this page as well.

World record for longest gingerbread train

For the second time in five years, a Norwegian train station is home to the world’s longest gingerbread train.

In Norway, a new train station is home this season to the 370.75 meter long gingerbread train. Note: for this record, there can’t even be 1mm gaps between cars. The gaps were filled with sugar.

The previous record — from 2011 — was 206 meters.

How much ginger bread is that? 700 kilograms. It took 800 kids in cooperation with local Holmestrand, Hof and Sande businesses to do it.

Photos: Lise Åserud

longest gingerbread train (2)


1,000 Cars Given Away to Company Staff as Holiday Present

So in India this month Hari Krishna Exports diamond company just made a substantial gift to it’s staff: Savji Dholakia gave 1,000 cars and 400 apartment suites away to staff considered to be doing a good job by the company.

The festival the holiday gift was tied to? It’s called Diwali. It’s a Hindu festival of Lights.

The tycoon gave away almost 500 cars and 200 apartments last year in a similar fashion. (Click image to make larger).

The company, Hari Krishna Exports, will take on part of the loan installments on the cars and apartments for 5 years. The apartments were given to people who already had cars.

Image: Deccan Chronicle / Hari Krishna Exports