Send Us Your Vehicle Pics and Story to Share

We do a thing here where people can share their vehicles. Over the past couple years, quite a few people have done this, and we usually share them with our social media communities. Of course, this is best for people who have a vehicle that’s cool or special in some way – A custom semi truck, RV, pickup, classic or muscle car, unusual car, interesting vehicle mod or something. It also works great for people who have a story to tell, or just want to write about a particular vehicle (or more than one type of vehicle – it’s up to you.

For these share posts, you definitely need to include some text, otherwise there’s not much for people to come and read! The more text the better, and there’s no maximum length. What you write is up to you. Some ideas that usually work good: Vehicle specs, the story of the vehicle’s history or the story of mods or customizations that were done to it, jokes, funny stories, etc.

Your name and email fields will NOT be shared publicly. You can include any names or builders or companies and any contact info IF you want in your “Content,” and that WILL be public.

“Post Title” is what everyone will see for your vehicle. For example, “1969 Mustang Fastback Custom,” or “Sweet Kenworth Custom with ARI Sleeper,” or “The best car I ever owned.” It’s up to you.

IGNORE the “Do not contact me about buying this vehicle after: (date)” field. That’s just for people selling vehicles. (To post a vehicle for sale, click here).

If you can’t find a good “category” for us to use, tell us in your “Content” field and we can add it. Just check off “Uncategorized” so your listing will still work.

Please complete the required fields.
Please select your image(s) to upload. You can upload 1-5 images. Pick your best ones, and include at least one that looks good as a horizontal image (the shape of an envelope or widescreen TV). That one will be the image most people see. They also can't be too small. Try and see if yours is OK. It will work if it's at least 400px wide and 300px tall. The ideal size is around 900 px wide.