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What's causing the driver shortage? What should be done?

Blog Forums Questions for the Trucking World What's causing the driver shortage? What should be done?

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    Although “truck driver” is THE most common job in many U.S. states, there is an increasing driver shortage. If the shortage increases, it may lead to supply chain disruptions, delays, higher carrying costs, and possibly shortages.

    What are the causes of the driver shortage?
    – Aging drivers retiring
    – Difficult to enter field due to restrictions on drivers under age 21 driving interstate

    What can be done?
    – Gamification of industry (making the job more like a video game) has been suggested
    – Improve industry’s image — whatever that means — to attract more drivers
    – CVSA / ATA partnership to create a pilot program / graduate CVD licence

    Source: Fred Fakkema

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