2019 Elegant Lady

When I was very young, probably five or six years old, my family and I took part in a year-round play in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We had our own building, complete with theater, dressing rooms, sets, audio studio, and foyer. It was magical for a little kid, but my favorite part was when we went on tour. We had a massive bus, and for several weeks I spent my time exploring the backstage of several theaters in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia. Now that I’m older and have my diploma in acting, I’d appreciate the chance to do this over again, but…I’m not sure my older body would be as comfortable bouncing along at the back of a rented bus.

My preferred solution? To be able to rent or purchase something like Liberty Coach’s 2019 Elegant Lady #838. Looking at the outside of this luxurious travel option doesn’t even begin to hint at the gorgeous interior. I will admit to having gasped a little upon seeing the photos of the inside. It looks like a high-dollar apartment in New York, not an apartment on wheels. It reminds me of the most refined formal living rooms I’ve seen in magazines like Town & Country, Real Simple, and Elle: Decor.

Don’t believe me? Visit Liberty Coach’s gallery of the Elegant Lady #838. Recessed lighting, upholstered furniture, designer sink and shower with tile backsplash, all in colors that allow for a relaxing, soothing, mellow vibe while maintaining class and elegance. If you’re the sort of person who cares somewhat about the outside but more about the inside and the little details that make the coach move, rest assured: the insides match the care and quality of the outside, including:

  • A Volvo D13 Engine
  • Allison 6-Speed Transmission
  • 4 Roof A/C Systems
  • Full HDMI Audio/Video (HDBase-T 2-way communication)
  • Tier 4-compliant Onan Generator Installation

There are also several updated technological features that will make the resident “techie” person (whether family member, crew, or yourself) happy, such as the 55″ 4K LED Outside E-Center TV, the iPad Air interface control, an “Exclusive Birdseye 360 Exterior View Camera System”, and KEF speaker packages. The coach itself is built on a Prevost H3-45 platform, and includes a new design for a flat-floor, passenger-side living room slide, which adds flexibility to the design and added floor space.

No matter your emphasis, your lifestyle, or career, the Elegant Lady #838 aims to please and looks incredibly able to deliver. Even if you can’t purchase something like this outright (and in this economy, who can, except for the top 1%?), there are financing options available, such as the Liberty Coach suggested lender IncredibleBank, which will work with each individual owner to find the best term, rate, and structure for the loan.

Want more information on the Liberty Coach 2019 Elegant Lady #838? You can find a list of specifications (only partially listed here) as well as a PDF available for download, a gallery of more than twenty photos of the interior, and financing information on the Liberty Coach website.