A Custom Homegrown Trailer

The tiny home is extremely popular these days, and this 2016 custom homegrown trailer is a perfect option. This trailer home was built to be able to remain stationery or travel by being towed from one location to another. The trailer is specifically made to suit certain needs of the owner. It has room for built-in beds and simple living. It is suitable for trailer parks, any legal forest areas or just families or couples that choose to stay on the road for travel and sight-seeing. This homegrown trailer is brand new and sleeps 4 people, it is built for singles, couples, and small families traveling or living in, as a permanent or temporary home.

The price of $32,00 is an investment that is well worth the money. You can spend time with your family, plus, you or your spouse, or enjoy some solitude and occasional visitors since you have the sleeping space. Some of this trailer home’s pluses are its solar panels, beautiful teardrop shape, comfortable interior, and full kitchen for those who love to make their own meals while on the road. There is a mini refrigerator/freezer for your convenience so that you can store small amounts of grocery. It also has a hard-side pop-top to give the owners more headroom if needed. There is lots of room to lounge and sit and the trailer has a table that seats 4 people for dining, or just having fun with company. This is everything a trailer home owner could ask for;¬† a safe vehicle, brand new,and fully loaded. Plus, the trailer is 100% solar-powered. This can be costly if you had to do it for yourself, however this trailer comes with with this expense included in the asking price. This is a beautiful trailer built with sustainable and non-toxic materials which is great for everyone but especially if you are traveling with children.

Trailers like this homegrown custom can give you access to nature and help you travel to places in the country where you can connect with nature and forests and any other natural habitats. This is why the investment is so great, a trailer like this is more than just a vehicle, it is a traveling home. Another convenience is the compost toilet. Once you get used to a compost toilet it is very easy to use. It simply requires emptying as all waste goes back into the earth. For some modern travelers this may take some time to get used to, but it becomes the norm once you use it for a while when traveling. The compost toilet is a great convenience and much better than stopping alongside the road or looking for coffee shops or public restrooms. The owner will have a gorgeous wood paneled trailer with many amenities. This is perfect for families with small children. Plus you are doing something that is good for the environment. The solar panels also help to assist families with sustainable living.

For those seeking to get close to nature or simply travel through the U.S. and Canada, this is the perfect trailer that is a travel vehicle, weighing only 2500 lbs. You can go on a family expedition or park for a few days in a legal park  or forest area or trailer park. This gives you time to explore our earth with those you love or you may be on a solitude adventure, still having space for company you may connect with along the way. You can further customize this homegrown trailer with more solar panels, and you can rearrange the eating, sitting, and dining spaces to suit your own requirements. Homegrown trailers also offers various exterior and interior colors to suit your liking. It is really like building a tiny home for yourself , you and your family, or customizing a vacation vehicle for summer and/or holiday travel. This trailer can also be a comfortable refuge for winter travel.

Length 19.00 ft.
Weight info 2,700 lbs
Sleeps 4

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