A Luxury Motorhome Unlike any Other

This is a motorhome unlike any other, as it’s really a top-of-the-line luxury RV made with the most respected manufacturers in the world, and the product is not only comfortable and safe, but also particularly economical.

It’s the Magellano Edition 1  by Mercedes, and it uses an Actros as the basis for the long-distance luxury RV machine. Imagine pulling up to a campsite in one of these?

The length is 10.6 meters in total (34.8 feet), and stands 4 meters tall (13.1 feet). You can see in the photos the finish and amenities included in one of these luxury motor homes, but guess what else? This RV motorhome also has a garage at the rear of its body to store other vehicles for transport, so you can drive around once you get to your destination. And you can stay a while, given the size of the RV equipment it carries – just as an example, a 750 liter water tank. The total weight of this massive luxury RV vehicle is 16 tonnes, leaving 2 extra tonnes of permissible gross vehicle weight. The motor coach can also tow another 3.5 tonnes as a trailer or other towed load. Is it enough?

Luxury Motorhome