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A Tiffin Allegro with 4 Slide Outs

RVs November 22, 2017

2015 Tiffin Allegro RED 38QBA

The Tiffin Allegro 38QBA is a luxurious travel bus perfectly fit for any family who wants to travel in comfort. It is also suitable for business travel such as band tours and concerts. If you are seeking comfort and reliability, plus a lot space in the interior, the Tiffin is your vehicle. There are some major features that come along with the purchase of this Tiffin model, such as the advantage of having only one owner. When a vehicle has had only one owner, they can tell you the complete history of that particular vehicle and should have records for repairs and any changes made to the model. This Tiffin Allegro offers that advantage for its next owner. This model comes loaded with all you need for a fabulous travel experience and it is in excellent running condition.

The interior is gorgeous with dark tan seating, a semi-full kitchen with space to move around. There is also a very comfortable seating area for dining with family and friends. There are many ways in which this investment can serve you. There are some people looking to travel for long periods of time and the Tiffin Allegro has all you need for a long journey. It is literally home away from home. It is also well-suited for short trips and vacations across the country. For some, the Tiffin Allegro can act as a temporary home to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the 9-5 work hours. You can take a 6 month break using the Tiffin as home or even a year, if you have the freedom.

This Tiffin Allegro Red 38QBA has freightliner chassis, only 4000 miles on the engine and includes bunk beds for your relaxation. Families will love the Tiffin, as it has spaces for gathering together. You can use the dining area for meals and watching television. The seating is just that comfortable. There is also a living room area with two sofas and extra seating that is a great space for family and friends to hang out together to chat and enjoy each other’s company, just like home. There are two lounge recliner chairs for further relaxation. Walking space is ample. The Tiffin is not built in tight spaces but instead has a lot of open space so that a few people can be comfortable moving about the bus. The deep brown wood accents add a richness to the interior of this vehicle. The exterior is just as gorgeous and says luxury to all who see this Tiffin Allegro.

For business use, the Tiffin is perfect for a band traveling together or a solo artist. There is plenty of sleeping space and some members can even utilize the two sofas for sleeping. Whether business or personal use, the Tiffin Allegro 38QBA is a superbly beautiful travel bus that mimics the comforts of home. Nothing on the road surpasses its luxurious look inside and out. It is a perfect vehicle that will satisfy the needs of the most prestigious querents. The bus comes with a full oven and stovetop and a Sharp microwave/convection oven. You have everything you need to serve great meals to a family or friends or business people traveling together. These are some of the main features missing from many travel buses, however these features come with the Tiffin Allegro. Its new owners will appreciate all of its amenities.

2015 Tiffin Allegro RED 38QBA
Freightliner Chassis
40ft. – 4000 miles
6.7 ISB 340HP Cummins Diesel Engine

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