American Coach – Revved Up And Ready To Go

“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is a phrase that is woven into the American culture, and that must include RVs and motorhomes. As part of our Declaration of Independence, it has become ingrained in our psyches, something we unconsciously ascribe to and could recite off by heart without even a second thought. The “American Dream” is made up of the idea that we can live the lives we want, free and happy. Many people have taken up these ideals by traveling North America, whether towing travel trailers, teardrop trailers, or even huge luxury motorhomes, and soaking up the sights and sounds of our continent, learning about all the people and cultures that live here.

Who doesn’t dream about the possibility of one day going for a family road trip and renting or borrowing something like these American Coache motorhomes from the REV group.

The REV group is responsible for American-made RVs for a wide variety of uses, including industrial, emergency, and recreational. The American Coach company, as part of this group, is an all-American company intent upon delivering luxury and freedom to roam to its clients. They produce not only Class-A but Class-B diesel RVs, from the Class A American Eagle to the Class B American Patriot Cruiser. With seven 2018 models and three 2017 models, there are plenty of features to choose from, with the option to “build your own” on the American Coach website.

They offer standard and optional features for these motorhomes, including things like dark tinted windows, front swivel seating, USB chargers, fresh, grey, and black water holding tanks, refrigerator, microwave, retractable clothes lines, and safety features like smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and their Lifeline AMG Deep Cycle 255 AMP Hour Battery. Everything you could ever want in a traveling vehicle, like extra storage, up-to-date navigation technology, surround sound, and the ability to use your own toilet and shower, can be found in the American Coach models. All of this means ease of travel, luxury, and practicality for your road trips, reunions, and retirement.

You can peruse the website and request a brochure, build your own luxury RV, read about the company, and find a dealership near you. There are dozens of photos to give you an idea of what is provided in an American Coach, whether you want a dinette or lounge floor plan, graphite and wood decor for your seating, counter tops, flooring, and cabinetry, an HDTV or screen door package. With plenty of options to choose from and an easy system to create your own personalized RV with reasonable pricing, American Coach has helped the American Dream come true for more than just the 1%.