DIY Making a Pop-Out Camper

Has anyone taken a canvas pop up and converted it to a “hard side” pop out?

Well, we’ll look into this more and update this if/when we find one that’s complete, but we did find this one example of a trailer DIY job in the process of a restoration project where he was trying to make it small enough to come in under 2000 pounds. The fellow doing it wrote that “I will be starting a dedicated thread soon with pictures and more info but I can say that I have taken a 1998 Coleman Sea Pine PUP and I am in the process of converting it to an aluminum sided travel trailer with an EPDM rubber roof. The unique thing that I am attempting is to use the original master bed frame and build a fully enclosed slide room. Here is a teaser photo to get the interest going.

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“This has worked out so well so far I am considering making a hobby of this or perhaps even a business. With some of the big pop up manufacturers kind of going by the wayside there will be a lot of lonely little trailers in backyards everywhere. We have already made plans for the next couple conversions. We will hopefully be attempting a food vending conversion and a mobile DJ booth conversion.

UPDATE: He did more work on it:

“I rescued a damaged and abandoned pop up camper from the slow death of life in a pasture and decided I was going to do something with it. The trailer is a 1998 Coleman Sea Pine. The katalyst for it’s current situation: The notoriously weak and poorly designed Coleman ABS roof. This particular unit was apparently still under warranty when the roof failed (I think Coleman may have still been giving these a lifetime warranty). The owner couldn’t afford the freight for the new roof and was unable to find a solution. The rest is history…”

You can see some of the photos that show what is entailed here on this page, and you can read all 11 pages of his story at Pop Up Portal, a message board we’ve indexed in the Building Homes and Living directory under “bloggers and blogs” here.