Entegra: Luxury Without Compromise

When we were little, my siblings and I had several older friends who were well-off. They could afford a vacation home in the mountains, complete with a pair of four-wheelers, kayaks, and top-notch hiking gear. While my brothers and I didn’t really notice the difference between our families, my sister did and told my parents that when she grew up, she wanted to be a “doctor’s kid”. I’m sure she would have drooled over whatever new fun thing they bought, especially if it was something like the Entegra coach, which is a lot more luxurious than the vehicle we drove all over the U.S., which was typically full to bursting with us, our luggage, and musical instruments as we headed off to a family reunion, a wedding, or special church service.

The Entegra line of coaches promises luxury for all, and craftsmanship without compromise. Even the name, “Entegra,” brings to mind words like “integrity”. So what makes Entegra so special? Their major claims to being not only one of a kind but top of their class, as it were, are family values, ‘smart’ floorplans, luxurious amenities, and a two-year limited warranty, as well as a five-year warranty for the structure of the coach. Entegra also prides itself on producing both the quietest ride and best-handled coaches of any RV company.

It’s a lot to live up to, but Entegra, a subsidiary of the American RV manufacturer Thor Industries since 2008, doesn’t seem to have any trouble living up to its claims to fame. In 2015, they held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to open a new production plant in Indiana, and have introduced several new models since then, including an entire line-up of luxury diesel, class A, and class C coaches. They’re all different sizes, perfect for a family vacation in rain or shine, or a band on tour in need of some much needed privacy and relaxation space.

You can choose between private bedrooms, cab-over bedrooms, or bunks, with the option to have a single bathroom or multiples, as well as other important touches like the sold-surface countertops, top of the line electronics (including, on some coaches, a Grammy winning audio system), and extra large appliances. It’s also incredibly easy to customize your ride on the Entegra site – you can choose the length, color, floor plan, accents, and more and then request a quote.

There are videos available on the Entegra website, along with a link to their blog, which shares stories from Entegra owners who are treated like family. You can also see the write-ups for the new 2019 line, from the 2019 Class C “Qwest” to the 2019 Luxury Diesel “Cornerstone”. You can also follow Entegra on their social media accounts, via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. If you own an Entegra you can also use the hashtag #WeAreEntegra to share your exciting journeys and fun moments along the way. Want to explore the world of Entegra? You can begin your adventure by visiting their website. Luxury is at your fingertips.