The Airstream 280

The Airstream is the classic travel vehicle, sometimes now used for temporary homes and permanent dwellings. This is the new thing when it comes to the Airsteam, it has multiple uses depending on the owner. This 1981 Airstream 280 28 is in mint condition and sold by a private seller. The benefit of purchasing vehicles from private sellers is that they know everything about the vehicles as far as repairs and maintenance. The Airstream is its classic beautiful silver bullet color and rounded shape. It is perfect for singles who want to journey or small families going on trips across the country. It is one of the most sought after and reliable travel vehicles after all these decades. Though there are many new and classic refurbished trailers on the market and the roads these days, the Airstream is still in demand.

This particular model is a 1981 motorhome that is 28 ft. long  and comes with a 1970 Airstream trailer toy hauler.  Fully refurbished located in the beautiful state of South Carolina; this Airstream contains new tires, new AC with heat strips, new awning, and new toilet and toilet valves. These are great pluses for the new owner of this Airstream 280 28. It is a superb investment because these named repairs and replacements were all done after April 4th of this year.  The Airstream has always had a different retro look and styling and that look still draws buyers to date. The next owner will be happy with all of the amenities that comes with this particular model. New front seats, refrigerator, and beautiful hardwood floors, are more durable than tile.  This is important, especially if you are travelling with pets and/or children.

The toy trailer that comes with the Airstream travel vehicle is great for carrying items that will create bulk inside the regular-sized trailer, like bikes, golf carts, surfing equipment, and firewood. You can carry just about any convenience item with you without causing a crowded situation in the camper itself. Travelling with children may cause you to use the toy trailer for just that, kid’s toys. Children can get restless while travelling and this 1970 toy trailer comes in handy when it comes to packing and travelling with bulky items. The Airstream is fun for long distance travel or short weekend trips and vacations. It is reliable and durable and has an excellent reputation when it comes to safety.

Statistics show that Airstreams remain in excellent running condition on the road for many decades. This is, of course, if it is properly cared for and maintained. This 1981 Airstream 280 28 is just that; well-cared for and maintained. It has become a classic in excellent condition. The new owner will enjoy this Airstream for many more decades with the same level of care. Families and singles love the Airstream for travel and as we stated earlier, people are now using Airstream vehicles as tiny homes. It is a great investment well worth the price paid because of the versatility of uses. And with a private owner, you can have access to records so you know when to give your Airstream its next tune-up. You can ask questions that may be difficult to ask at an auction or dealership. It has stylish accents like matching pinstripes with the toy trailer and both trailer and toy trailer have both been polished to shine.

Year: 1981
Make: Airstream
Model: 280
Length: 28

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