The Starliner Custom Motorhome

Did you know that Flxible not only produced luxury motor homes, but at one time had the distinction of being near the top of the list of largest transit-bus manufacturers in North America? Flxible lived up to its name, designing and selling sidecars, moving from smaller vehicles like hearses to larger equipment like ambulances, fighter aircraft, intercity coaches, buses, and of course, RVs. While only around for the better part of a century, Flxible continues to draw fans of its motor homes, many of which have been transformed into luxurious, modern spaces for hobbyists, enthusiasts, and travelers wishing to ride in comfort toward their respective destinations.

If the Flxible community interest you, you can join the Flxible Owners International group that has been around since the 1980’s. Owners meet up in Loudonville, Ohio twice a year to swap stories, show off their vehicles, and talk about how to preserve the various Flxible vehicles for posterity, whether they are kept in their original condition or upgraded to RVs. If you’d rather check out the individual vehicles, you can do so on auction sites, Wikipedia, or even Pinterest.

Whatever your level of interest, you’ll be amazed at some of these conversions and re-designs. Scroll through some galleries or check out your local auction site and take a look at one of these up close. Their unique look and attention to detail are worthy of admiration. Check out the custom build below:

Year 1947

Exterior Color RED
Interior Color BEIGE
Cylinders 8
Engine Size 534
Transmission 5-SPEED AUTOMATIC

You can see our gallery for this one below. All the images on our website expand when you click them, so you can get a better look.

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