Volkswagen’s New Camper Has a Loft Where You Can Stargaze

California XXL

Awesome big RV in a little package!

The German auto-maker now presents the California XXL. Perhaps because the California XXL campervan has an extended rear with an integrated bed, a special area for children, four-wheel drive, a sophisticated and functional interior and a raised, fixed panoramic roof with light strips, it is getting a lot of attention. The latter means sleeping under the stars. Also, there’s a Weber grill as part of the equipment.

Volkswagen is known for having distinctive designs, including several iconic vans and buses, and this little number is no different. For RVers, they have a special treat in this particular van: a sunroof that is not only big, but it’s got a little loft to lie down on right under it! Like a lot of RVs and long-haul trailers with sleeping quarters, they put it right up above where the driver sits, or just behind, to make the most of interior space.

A retractable sanitary unit with shower and toilet are also there, as are a heated / cooled bed, a kitchen with pull-out work surface (ranging from 1.10 to 2.05 meters) and even heating. The various functions can be controlled via a special app.

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