1945 Ford Dump Truck

There’s nothing quite like seeing an old Ford truck to take you back in time. There’s something iconic about that design, whether it’s the first generation F-Series, the earlier pickups, or this Ford dump truck from the mid-1940’s. It brings to mind scenes of mid-century farms, fields of wheat, summer sunshine, and relaxing on the front porch with a cold one after a long day of baling hay or hauling produce to market, or spending all day hauling loose construction materials for new buildings going up after the end of the war. If you’ve never had the opportunity to see one up close (or at least click through a gallery with great pictures), treat yourself to a journey into the past and really look at the beautiful details of this vehicle. They don’t make them like this anymore.

The first thing to take in while perusing these photos is the overall shape and style of the body – the classic curves designating it as an antique vehicle, particularly the hood. The grille is massive, and multiple lights ensure it will always be seen. The inside has a massive steering wheel, typical of older automobiles, though of course since it’s a dump truck it isn’t covered in leather like some of the more luxurious models. Overall, this beautiful ride looks capable of turning heads and turning a profit hauling whatever you desire.

This specific Ford dump truck was built before the introduction of the F-Series, which was a commercial and consumer series that rolled out after World War II, in 1947 to be precise. A notable difference between earlier Ford models and post-war Fords is the two-pane windshield (seen below) that became a flat, one-piece windshield with the advent of the F-Series Ford trucks. Another thing you’ll see to differentiate between wartime and post-war designs are the headlights in the Ford F-Series – instead of popping up or out, they’re inserted into the frame of the truck.

Some of these Ford dump trucks and pickups are still being used today, whether they’re working hard or being showcased at a variety of local and international shows. Some of them have even ended up in museums, preserved for later generations who might want to learn about the history of automobiles and the rise and decline of specific aspects in design, certain parts, or companies. If you’re curious about the ones you can see on display, you can find some at the America’s Car Museum which boasts an entire collection of work trucks. Located in Tacoma, Washington, the museum also has a blog for those who live too far away to make a visit.

Of course, if you’re in the market for one of these beauties, you can forego the museum and head straight to Hemmings, where there are plenty of options to skim through until you find just the right truck to bring home. Although ones like the model below may need some maintenance or more heavy work before being road-worthy, the end result is worth it. Want to know more? You can look at the photos and description below, or you can go ahead and visit Hemmings to see if there’s a truck waiting for you.

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