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1951 Ford Pug CEO

Trucks November 28, 2017

1951 Ford Pug CEO

The Ford 1951 Pug CEO is a beautiful combination of a truck and a classic car. With its bright yellow color it stands out on the road like no other classic vehicle. The owner of this Ford 1951 Pug CEO will need to be someone who reveres classics and is willing to keep this mint condition vehicle in top running condition along with taking care of its extraordinary exterior and interior. The tan interior and yellow exterior blend well together and gives this vehicle a classy sophisticated look.

Another plus to this Ford Pug is that it has an automatic transmission. Not everyone is interested in driving manual transmission vehicles. It will also make it more saleable because not everyone can drive a manual stick car. There will be more interested buyers due to its automatic transmission feature. The Pug is also on a motor home chassis that is 5 ton and comes with a 100 gallon gas tank. A truck cover is also included giving the buyer extra security when it comes to preventing damage to its stellar paint job.

Only serious collectors would be truly interested in a vehicle of this caliber. This is not just any classic Ford, the Pug always attracted buyers who were seeking a very special mode of transportation. And this 1951 Pug CEO has been redone in the manner of style it can call its own. It has power on the road and will draw attention everywhere it goes. A buyer interested in this classic vehicle will be one who appreciates the classics and all the work that was put into this Pug CEO. With tinted windows and seating for 5 people comfortably, families would also enjoy traveling in this Ford Pug.

This Pug also comes with a 5-wheel towing package which is a great plus for owners so that there is no trouble if it should ever need to be towed from one location to another. It can towed safely and without damaging the vehicle. The front of this 1951 Ford Pug CEO also comes equipped with brand new front tires which is also a plus for the new owner. That is an expense that does not have to be passed down to the next driver of this magnificent truck/vehicle.

Seller’s description when it was listed not long ago, which has some specifications: 1951 Custom PUB CEO – big block 454 – Allison automatic 21 speed – LOADED – Dually – 5 ton motor home chassis – 100 gallon gas tank – fifth wheel/towing package – new tires on front – $200,000 build – wizard pin stripping – tinted windows – seats 5 comfortable – truck cover included

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