A Ford Compact Pickup?

“There’s no smoke without fire,” I’ve heard. I’ve been wondering about that in regards to a new rumor about a future vehicle from Ford. Where did the rumor start? Did someone at Ford decide to let it trickle down and work its way into the masses, or did someone sneak out information and try to get it to another company to use? Or, is it a completely baseless rumor started by someone online who wanted attention? While we may never know the origin of a specific rumor, it’s still fun to speculate and see what happens. After all, there’s a kernel of truth in every rumor, right?

What I’ve heard about Ford is that there might be a new vehicle on the market, one that will bridge the gap between compact cars and pickups with the concept of a compact pickup, possibly along the lines of a Courier. While the Courier never really had a U.S. market appeal, now might be the time to test it out, since Ford has committed to shutting down its four-door car lines in the very near future. While there are other companies that sell similar vehicles overseas, there has never been one to produce for the U.S., though Hyundai has decided to enter the race.

Can Ford produce a compact pickup that will appeal to its audience before Hyundai gets there? Or will Hyundai sell to its own market? What will the Ford compact pickup look like, and what will it have to offer that others might not? It remains to be seen, but there are people online speculating that Ford is heading toward a big shakeup in regards to models being retired and new ones being produced.

It may be time for a new era. Out with the old, and in with the new. Although at the moment it seems that the old has become the new, especially with models like the Ford Ranchero and Bronco coming back into play. At this point we seem to want to pull the past into the future with us, whether that’s wishful thinking for the way things were, or recognizing that even though we can’t go back, we can keep the good things with us no matter where in time we are.

I’ll be keeping a lookout for this new compact pickup, as I am rather too short to drive something like the Ford F-150, but need the hauling capabilities of a pickup for camping equipment, helping people move, or loading up instruments so my brother and I can play wedding gigs.

If you too are interested in what Ford has in store for future designs, you may want to check in on us every so often. We’ll be updating and writing new articles with the information we glean online, speculating about what’s in store for Ford and whether we’ll be seeing futuristic designs in the next few years or if we’ll be seeing reinventions of Ford’s most popular vehicles, or perhaps a little bit of both. We’ll keep you posted.