Hennessey’s 6×6 Velociraptor Can’t Be Tamed

I read a Tumblr post the other day that posed the question “Were you a space kid or a dino kid?” I was the kid obsessed with dinosaurs. While I had a slight interest in astronomy, my imagination was completely overrun with scenes from Land Before Time, Prehysteria, We’re Back, and Jurassic Park. I read all I could about them, built wooden dinosaur skeletons, and took my plastic dinosaurs on our many family road trips. I never dreamed, however, that when I grew up, there would be dinosaur-inspired vehicles. Little me would be absolutely thrilled.

If you’ve ever seen Jurassic Park, you know the spiel about raptors. They’re fast. They’re smart. And they’re dangerously aggressive. This pretty much applies to Hennessey’s new truck, Velociraptor 6×6. Yes, it has six wheels. It’s gigantic, has enormous power, and if handled improperly, could land you in a world of hurt – but wow, does it look fun. Based on the Ford F-150 Raptor, the Velociraptor takes off-road to new heights with 600 horsepower, 20-inch wheels, locking axles, LED lights, and a roll bar, along with a twin turbo engine upgrade. Of course, power comes with a price. In this case, the tag reads just under $350K, unless you want the additional Brembo brake system upgrade, which will cost you another $22K. Worth it? Oh, yeah.

In 2017, Hennessey unveiled the Velociraptor at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show in Las Vegas, Nevada as part of the Shell company’s “Pioneering Performance” experience. It made a huge splash, especially after being touted as the “ultimate off-road vehicle” by the owner of the Hennessey company, John Hennessey himself. It was written about by the likes of Auto Week, Motor Trend, Maxim, Top Speed, and Drive Mag, who all noted the various upgrades and power put into an already impressive vehicle.

If you’re thinking about taking one of these for a spin, you better get in line quick, as the Velociraptors are also very rare. Hennessey Performance is only making 50 of these and right now it isn’t in the works to create more (public outcry for more may sway Hennessey to release more in the future but at this point first come, first served, and then it’s over). These big bad monsters will be put up for sale and snapped up in a short time to become one of the most exclusive off-road vehicles to date.

You can find the Velociraptor either through select Ford dealership packages or Hennessey Performance itself. If you want to learn more about the vehicle and all the upgrades that take it from plain raptor to velociraptor, you can do so at the Hennessey website or on their Facebook page, which features live streams from time to time. You can also watch footage of the Velociraptor on YouTube. If you aren’t able to get one, you may be seeing one of these next time you’re out camping in the wild. Just don’t get between it and its intended path. Velociraptors, as you know, are incredibly aggressive.