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Legacy Classic Trucks

Trucks January 8, 2018

Legacy Classic Trucks

Hailing from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Legacy Classic Trucks has been converting and altering classic trucks and other vehicles for recreational and vocational purposes for almost a decade. Called “The Premier Truck Restoration Facility in the United States”. Not only are they known for their Power Wagon Conversion, Legacy Scrambler Conversion, and the Legacy Napco, they are gaining favorable recognition for their work on rare trucks and special custom builds.

Legacy’s mechanics team specializes in Diamond T, Studebaker, and Hudson vehicles as well, and alter these vehicles to be used for either commercial or recreational use. Winslow Bent, the founder of Legacy Classic Trucks, started the company using his experience in manufacturing, military, and the automotive industry. He has driven the Pan-American Highway and circumnavigated Australia. His knowledge of rough terrain and the people who enjoy adventures off-road has given Legacy Classic Trucks the edge when it comes to providing customers with the exact vehicle they need, whether it’s a custom build or one of Legacy’s famous conversions.

With plenty of inventory and lifestyle accessories, Legacy’s products are suited for every type of driver. One of their most popular models, the Power Wagon Conversion, is called “The Gentleman’s Choice”, lauded as “Arguably the world’s toughest and most beautiful truck ever created”. Reminiscent of the Old West, the Power Wagon Conversion starts with a classic Dodge frame and, 1,000 hours later, ends with a classic red coat of paint and the following measurements: it weights between 6,400 and 7,300 pounds, is almost 7 feet tall, and measures 17 feet long. 80 inches wide with 130 inch wheelbases, the Power Wagon Conversion is ruggedly handsome, hardy, and capable of handling up to 12,000 lbs for 1,000 miles (if using a diesel-fueled engine).

Cruising speed is around 80 miles per hour, with top speeds reaching over 100. Winch capacity is over 16,000 pounds, with a fording depth of 44 inches. Each of these Power Wagon Conversions is custom built, with a starting price tag of $185,000.

Right now, Legacy Classic Truck’s inventory includes an altered 1932 Ford Roadster which can be taken off-road in any setting. With DynaTrac ProRock 60 axles, a 350 horsepower V8 engine, and racing seats, this bold choice will stand out everywhere.

Also on hand for custom build orders are a 1937 Kenworth Touring Bus, a 1949 Dodge Power Wagon (four-wheel drive), and a 1968 Ford Bronco X-Cab, with an added 12” to the wheelbase to stabilize the vehicle when it goes off-road. There are also newer vehicles available for custom builds and alterations, including a 1970 Dodge Power Wagon and a 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60, available with a Ralph Lauren interior, Captain’s chairs, and an Army Green exterior.

With accolades pouring in from the likes of Truck Trend Network, Auto Blog, AutoWeek (which called Legacy Classic Trucks’ Power Wagon Conversion “the King of Trucks”), Four Wheeler, and Car & Driver (which said, “This is a Chrysler product we can actually believe Clint Eastwood would drive”), its work on classic trucks with a western edge is becoming recognized by collectors and the public alike.

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