This truck is in the Pink

The first thing you notice is the color: Not exactly dull gray. Try bright pink. For a truck? And yellow, too.
Why not?

“There should be zero debate on this if this is blue and black or white and gold. The truck and trailer combo is a bright pink and yellow, and the vehicle description states that it’s probably the most unique and most interesting (vehicle) you have ever seen.”

“And we completely agree.”

So says a site in 2015 called “Weird Stuff Wednesday” about one of the vehicles found at
It’s really a modified 1948 Chevrolet 3800 COE. At the time, it was for sale in Calabasas, CA.

“The trailer is about 44 feet long and has not only room for you and your family to sleep in while traveling the country, but the rear has enough room to haul a vehicle or any motorsports equipment,” Weird Stuff says of it.

Its color will certainly attract families. It has room for seven.

Other details:

—It should be easy to shift for even younger members of a family since the transmission was described as automatic.
—Steering, too, should be easy for everyone. It has power steering.
—A tilt wheel,
—Power windows, too.
—Described as having “premium” when it comes to paint and interiors.
—Wheels are also described as premium.
—The condition at the time was described as “excellent.”
—Mileage was 66,618.
The color was described as multi, but pink and yellow might be more accurate.
Other features include:
—A 10-cylinder 502 cubic inch engine.
—A satellite dish.
—Sleeps six in the trailer.
—Freezer and refrigerator.
—A large shower.
—Air conditioning.
—Even the sleeper car has air conditioning.

Background includes this:

Chevrolet trucks from 1947 to 1055 were number one in sales in the US.

They used the same basic design family for all of its trucks, including the Suburban, panel trucks, canopy express and cab overs, according to several accounts.

The “unique Cab Over” fenders and hood required a custom cowl area,” said one description.
“Fully loaded with all the features that make traveling fun…

You and all your friends could have a perfect trip,” says another description of the pink and yellow modified truck.

Another site says of it:

“Spring break is right around the corner and this custom classic with matching trailer is just begging to be taken on a road trip.”

The advertised price was $76,500.

Another popular 1948 3100 Chevrolet truck was the Thriftmaster. Where color was also a consideration.

“Coated in new bright red paint, this 1948 3100 retains its utilitarian good looks and features added touches that make it a hot rod in farmer’s overalls,” it’s said of the truck.

The model recently for sale was equally bright with brisk red paint.

It was described as having a “great looking grille that appears to be original, traditional round headlights trimmed in chrome, and a new, curved chrome bumper.”

The sea of red color is broken up by a left fender mounted filler cap.

The truck’s description goes on:

“Raise the hood on this ’48 Chevy truck and in place of its original Thriftmaster 235 inline six-cylinder you’ll find a completely natural looking small block Chevrolet 350. At the top of the motor, a polished Demon carburetor wears a small round chrome air cleaner, is fed by stainless fuel lines and feeds a Holley Procharger supercharger.”

That bright red color here stands out as much as the pink.

Inside the truck, a restored interior mixes modern elements with traditional 40s design.

“The bright red from the body is present on the dash and contrasts well with gray seats, gray upper door panels, a gray headliner and a gray floorboard,” the description says.

The seats and steering wheel were taken from a 90s Chevrolet and are much easier to live with than the trucks’ original flat bench and huge, thin-rimmed wheel, it adds.

Safety is also a consideration.

For better visibility, Beede gauges have been installed in the classic red dash and display a speedometer and readouts for the engine’s vital readings.

“This 1948 Chevrolet 3100 is a highly drivable truck that follows a simple but proven formula. Take classic good looks and mix a lot of power with nice modern conveniences to get one extremely fun vehicle that can be enjoyed as it was meant to be enjoyed,” the description says.

By David Wilkening

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