Offroad Karmann Ghia

You’ve probably seen offroad VW bugs before, and we’ve recently talked about offroad VW vans (convertibles with reinforced roll cages), but here’s another sand dune-happy German model: the Karmann Ghia.

Actually these have competed in the Baja 1000 races (various particular Ghias), including one that came up for sale recently on 401 Dixie Volkswagen. It’s the orange one with the #3 in the photo gallery “[T]his VW coupe is said to have been prepped for off-road racing in the late 1970s. It received some substantial suspension modifications, the quite necessary oversized tires, skid plate, cut fenders, and a hearty racing motor to propel it. And if that weren’t grin-worthy enough, it allegedly competed at the 1979 and 1981 Baja 1000.” We put a bug in there too for comparison and good measure.

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