Part Airplane, part Jet-Ski! You don’t need a license for these.

Personal plane by FlyNano

With the moto “Man was born to fly” this company is making waves with a new personal Electric Aircraft for easy personal flying (and water skimming). The vehicle is meant for flying around, and doesn’t have room for cargo or a second passenger.

Some key specs: It’s 100% electric, and the full weight is 70kg without a pilot. It doesn’t use wheels for runways, only the waterproof hull that allows it to take off and land on water. It’s small, so you don’t need a pilot’s license to fly one.

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The total power output is 32kw, and as the company says, it has “the highest power-to-weight ratio available in the market. You have all the power and torque available already in low RPMs.”

It’a s unique personal aircraft with a unique design concept with the handcrafted carbon composite body makes it lighter than air.

The plane is called the “FlyNano,” and as you can see from the photos, it’s part “jet-ski,” part plane. The company cautions that this plane is not one for beginners, but could be set at a flying level easier than a seaplane. Top speed: 75mph. Price: around 40k. Find more from FlyNano in our directory: click here.