Justin Beeber’s Motorhome – Take a look inside

So when you finally do get into the Bieb’s motorhome, what is it like in there? Well, although you may still want to try to get in (maybe as a roadie or mega-fan?), there are actually some photos so you don’t even have to. The Bieb’s actually has been taking several different types of motorhomes on tour over the years (well, that includes a lot that are rented in other countries, because even a megastar like Bieber isn’t going to ship his Prevost or Winnebago overseas all the time!), so we’ll look at a couple of them here.

Almost every motorhome we’ve seen Bieber in has been a Prevost, or at least a Prevost base (a lot of custom motor coach builders use a base vehicle from one of the big builders and build their customizations on top of this before retailing them).

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The interiors of these luxury RVs though are awesome, including leather apolsterty, hardwood tables and cabinets, a large master bedroom, bunk beds, and chrome finishings. Take a look at the photos to see what we’re talking about here.

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