Motorhomes That Float

Despite it sounding like the latest cool gadget in the new James Bond film or Batman flick, there are indeed motor homes that can be driven on land as well as sailed on the water. While I wouldn’t recommend sailing out into the ocean, a seaside trip or a weekend at the lake would be sublime. These luxury amphibious motorcoaches (courtesy of Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International, LLC, or CAMI) come at a price, but there’s a lot to love, whether it’s the customization available or the navigation technology keeping you on track. While on the road, the “Terra Wind” can reach 80mph, and when it’s in the water, it can reach up to 7 knots.

Located in Ridgeland, South Carolina, CAMI also has other amphibious offerings, such as the Hydra-Terra, a commercial water bus, the Hydra Gator, a utility vehicle styled after the golf cart, and the Hydra Spyder, an amphibious sports vehicle. If you get a chance, it’s worth a visit to Ridgeland to see these beautiful vehicles in action. You can also peruse their website, request a brochure, watch some video, or read up on their new projects. There’s an extreme 6×6 amphibious vehicle being built that will be introduced in the near future, nicknamed “Daddy Gator”. All this and more you can find at the CAMI website.

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