Firetruck with “Life Slide” – An Expandable Slide to Save Lives

Firetruck with “Life Slide” – An Expandable Slide to Save Lives

How do people escape burning buildings when they’re on upper stories of those buildings? This may be something anyone who has ever worked or lived in a high-rise building has wondered: What if there’s a fire on a lower level of the building? How will I get past it to the ground below?

Besides DIY lifesaving ideas like ropes tied from balconies (which could be used for repelling) and getting the phone number of the local helicopter company (if there is one, and if they work regular hours), we’re relying on the speed and efficiency of fire fighters, aren’t we.

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Are we going to have to jump down into an inflated balloon or a stretched out white sheet? Will the firetruck’s ladder reach us? Can the firetruck even drive around to our side of the building?

Face it. Not everyone lives and works in a place where you can easily be saved from a fire.

However, these designers (Chen Xiangyu, Fan Shi Zhong, Lin Tao, Liu Yebao, Wang Shilin, Wu Rong & Zhang Yongchang) have invented this fire truck design that has an expandable ladder / slide. The idea is that evacuees can quickly slide down the slide, which is staffed by assistants at every turn.

What do you think of the idea?