Renegade Verona Freightliner Motorhome

“The world is a book and those who do not travel, only read one page”, says St. Augustine on traveling. The Renegade Verona can be used  for so many activities and this luxury Freighliner  will not disappoint. With its black, grey, and white exterior paint job, this luxury motorcoach is well-suited for families, and large groups, such as sports teams and bands. The Renegade Verona Freightliner is a vehicle that is hard to match in style and performance.  Families can take this vehicle on the road without having to locate hotel rooms. This motorcoach has everything a group needs for comfort on a lengthy trip or short vacation. For business owners, there are no limits as to how you can make use of this luxury motorcoach. The Verona can be used to carry large equipment from one place to another very easily, or rented out as a form of travel for small to large groups. Particularly, clients that need space for large equipment and require slide outs to have more space for comfort and also to carry varied equipment and supplies, will be more than pleased and satisfied to use this luxury coach as their travel freightliner.

This motorcoach is beautiful, with its stunning design on the exterior and its modern and spacious interior. With gorgeous bronze wood accents on the interior, this Renegade Verona is all you could want in a luxury freightliner. If you require a travel vehicle that handles wonderfully on the road and is also equipped with an interior that is stellar, the Renegade Verona freighliner is the vehicle you’ve been searching for. Various sized groups will travel very comfortably in this luxurious motorcoach, with plenty of room for equipment and comfortable seating. This is also true for all kinds of teams, as this motorcoach is perfect for long road trips and carrying heavy and bulky cargo. Families may desire to use this freightliner as a traveling home, for those who may be retired, or those who want to live life on the road. The Renegade Verona is just right for those who want to make traveling their permanent lifestyle. Plus, you will also not miss the comforts of your home in the Renegade.

This Renegade Verona is stellar in performance and beauty. Neither the exterior or interior of the Verona will disappoint its next owner. And if properly taken care of, this magnificent vehicle will last for many years to come.  The tiny house revolution is becoming very popular, and some travelers may even choose to get rid of their mortgages and live in this stunningly styled freightliner. If you’re on a long trip, from city to city, whether it be for competitions, music, or business trips, or simply those who have the freedom to work for themselves, the Renegade Verona is well equipped for most travel lovers. Any owner can finally live freely or travel, in this well-conditioned freightliner. It is cheaper than most luxury city homes. Though it is made for traveling and carrying cargo, the style of this Renegade Verona makes it a stunning example of a luxury freightliner, and also as a well-equipped traveling home.


Rebelling against the status quo means taking the unexpected path and reimagining your journey. With the Verona LE motorhome, Renegade is redefining the luxury RV experience with the power of the responsive M2 chassis, featuring 20,000 lbs. of trailer towing capacity and a Cummins 350 HP ISL9 engine. And living in the Renegade Verona LE means surrounding yourself with handcrafted details that are not only functional but beautiful to behold. Discover Verona LE motorhome luxury.

The Renegade Verona LE is offered in two elegant floorplans, each featuring triple slides designed to effortlessly expand your living space. A well-appointed galley is a testament to modern functionality, and the Ultraleather furniture package offers comfort as well as hidden sleeping areas, tucked away until you need them. You’ll never be at a loss for storage with the Verona LE’s generous hardwood cabinets or hot water with the Freightliner motor coach’s AquaHot hydronic heating system.

Smooth High Gloss One Piece Fiberglass Wall Surface
2” Vacuum Laminated Sidewalls w/ Welded Tubular Aluminum Framing
1.5” High Density Foam Insulation in Sidewalls & Roof
Welded Aluminum Framed Wall Cutouts
Two piece Molded Rear Cap and Bumper System
Welded Tubular Aluminum Roof Truss System with Framed Cutouts
One Piece Textured & Crowned Fiberglass Roof Surface
“Super Sandwich” Floor Construction Consisting Of:
3/4” Fir Plywood Deck over 2 x 4 Wood-Framed Residential Floor
2” Welded Steel Floor Joist system
3” Steel Longitudinal Floor Beams
3” Premium Grade Roxul Sound Deadening and Thermal Insulation in Floor
Galvanized Steel Vapor Barrier
2 speed reversible paddle fan with wall switch in bedroom

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