Have you Seen this New All-Electric Camper Van yet?

Nissan Electric Camper Van

It went slightly under the radar when it was released, but these are the new Nissan e-NV200 / NV300 Camper mods. It’s a totally electric vehicle meant to be used as an RV, a type of vehicle that so far hasn’t received an serious electric vehicle entries.

The benefit of an electric RV is obviously that you don’t need gas stations, just power bays, which can be installed at campsites, rest stops, or anywhere else on the road, plus, as we see improvements in solar charging, we could eventually see electric RVs that don’t need to be charged, only occasionally maintained.

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The current challenge in electric RVs is how to meet power requirements (for towing RV weights) with an electric battery. The e-NV200 by Nissan recently was upgraded to a 40 kWh battery pack, which brought its range up to 124 miles (200km) based on the WLTP combined cycle. That’s a limitation, but if you think about it, how far are you going RVing with your unit? Obviously this would not be the unit to tackle cross-country touring, but when you go camping near your house, it’s often less than 50 miles to the destination. Actually, when I go camping or just out to have a bonfire with friends it’s less than 20km. So for that purpose, something like this would work. So far, the modified e-NV200 / NV300 electric camper van has only been released in Spain, I guess because Nissan expects it won’t be as popular in North America yet, but it’s a sign of where RV Camper Vans are going. If The venture works in Spain, they’ll expand to other markets.

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