Some Rigs that Belong to Our Members

Members of our groups occasionally send us in photos and write-ups of their custom rigs, eye-catching RVs and motorhomes, and outlandish and weird vehicles, and we get a chance to share them with the other members. You can click the photos to make them bigger.

This is Scott Ehnke’s RV set up. “It’s a 1977 transtar2 I dont know too much about I bought it from a good friend of mine a few years back it was the first truck I learned how to drive when I was younger it gets used around the farm a bit I haul my camper with it in the summer take it to the big iron classic in kasson mn it has a big cam 400 Cummins in it and a 13 speed. It has a little over 1 million miles on her.”

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Will Thornton sent in these vintage shots. “This is what they would do at night in the truck stop. Get your grill and furniture out and party!!! Back when they were moving families across the country.”

And these ones: K100. 3408 cat.

Cory Andrews sent this one:

“This photo was taken for company advertisement for the company my father worked for back in the day.”

And this one. “This photo here was a white/ freightliner I believe . Taken is middle 80’s . Was my uncles . He pulled mobile homes with.”

This one I don’t think belongs to the photographer, but member Brandon LeClair sent it after seeing it in Virginia.