This Is a Custom Ride made from 2 Different 50’s Trucks

Members of our groups occasionally send us in photos and write-ups of their custom rigs, eye-catching RVs and motorhomes, and outlandish and weird vehicles, and we get a chance to share them with the other members. You can click the photos to make them bigger.

This one is by Dayle Greening. “This beauty was a few years in the making for my Dad who just turned 78 years old.

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“It’s started with the chassis, which is from a one ton Ford Econoline Van. The body itself is two different trucks. It’s a mix of a 1953 Ford COE and a 1954 Ford Pickup. It has a 100 gallon gas tank placed between the can and the box. My Dad is a body man and fabricated, painted and customized this truck to his liking all on his own.”