The Bowlus Road Chief

The Bowlus Road Chief is a super modern version of trailers of this kind.The shape is not only beautiful but also aerodynamic, which means that the driver will have smooth sailing on the roads and highways.Even with its unusual shape, the Bowlus is a light weight vehicle, which also makes driving smooth for any lucky owner. Because it is lightweight, this also assists in towing the Bowlus if needed. You can tow the Bowlus with the average sized car, which is a true plus and incentive for purchase. Some call it the Airstream’s descendant, because it looks somewhat like a modern version of those Airstream classic vehicles.

If one purchases a regular travel trailer, you would usually require a heavy duty truck to pull it and very special equipment to tow it from one place to another, should it break down. One Bowlus was towed with a Porsche easily, and not an SUV but a regular Porsche car. After the experiment, the Bowlus was said to tow like a “hollow aluminum bullet”, except this bullet is filled with heated flooring, a king-sized bed, and the often sought after WiFi. This is definitely a home on the road and can also be used as a temporary traveling home for a couple or small family. The Bowlus’ namesake is William Hawley Bowlus who grew up over 100 years ago in San Fernando, California.While the Bowlus family were farmers by trade, Hawley was busy building sail planes that resembled space ships. This was the inspiration for the Bowlus.

Any person who decides to own this Bowlus will have the experience of driving a vehicle with a classic story of a young boy, Hawley, who loved to perfect his talent of building aerodynamic vehicles. The Bowlus is certainly not your typical travel trailer but has many positives for newbies. Its light weight is one positive for a newbie travel trailer owner. The worries of how it will be towed or towed due to repairs, is made null and void. This travel vehicle makes it easier for new travel trailer owners to feel safe and secure. The last Bowlus which was un-restored  sold at auction at $187,000, which proves that this classic vehicle is still in high demand. The auctions also allows those who have never heard of the Bowlus or its great benefits, a way to get to know this amazing spaceship-like vehicle. The Bowlus is another great option for those who only know about the Airstream but want something a bit more modern and edgy in style.

With all of its advantages, the Bowlus is perfect for long distance travel, and vacation short trips. Some owners may decide to use this streamlined vehicle as a home as they travel across the country. The Bowlus stands far above the huge wood and fiberglass trailers on the road today. This modern version mimics what Hawley Bowlus created in the 1930’s.  The Bowlus Road Chief measures 8 inches wider, 4 inches taller and 13 inches longer than the original version. Anyone seeking the best in travel trailer vehicles would be truly satisfied with this model of the Bowlus and know that they are riding in a safe vehicle that will stand out on the road as drive. The Bowlus Road Chief is beautiful, luxurious and roomy on the inside and smooth on the road.What more could a travel vehicle owner desire.

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