Wow! Custom Semi Pulling a Luxury Fifth Wheel

So a while ago we posted a write up on a very long fifth wheel trailer (which is still the matter of some debate, with some people saying its the longest, some saying it must be shopped, but we’re waiting until we see all the evidence until we make a final call on it and post the answer [with evidence either way]). But one of the Plains Trains page members who responded to it shared his own custom semi truck – fifth wheel trailer combo: this one in the pictures. It’s Michael Atwoods’ lime green Peterbilt.

While you may have seen this custom machine pulling reefer trailers elsewhere, here Michael showed it doing a recreational run! It’s got one of those luxury trailers known as “Voltage” fifth wheels on the back.

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What do you think of the combination? And what do you think of each part on its own?

One thing you might have noticed. That custom tractor looks stretched out pretty far, which is a popular way of customizing these things with a lot of people.

However, as Leigh Paré pointed out, the wheelbase isn’t actually as along as it might appear at first, because the Peterbilt has a smaller sleeper on it, and that combined with the tanks on it make it look longer — interesting style thing to know, too — and if you put a big custom studio sleeper on it, like an ARI sleeper or something, maybe a 70 incher or so, it would look less stretched.

There were some price guesses on this rig. Not sure if Michael wants to tell it, but the guesses were from $104,000 to around $300,000.

Oh, and for those wondering about licencing requirements, we were lucky enough on the Plains Trains page to hear from an expert, Robert Hornstra: “I’m an RV tech with a copy of the building code, there is no requirement for second exit over a certain length. Don’t think the powers thought that far along.”

Nice one, Michael! and thanks everyone for your comments, as always.