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When I was little, the one experience I wanted more than anything was to visit a circus. I went to a few carnivals here and there, and read or watched all I could about them – whether it was the carnival scenes in Madeline, The mice in Coraline with their circus act, the Baudelaire’s experiences with the Carnivorous Carnival, Dumbo’s story, or the X-Files episode “Humbug”. Later I watched American Horror Story’s “Freak Show” and the film Victor Frankenstein, but I have yet to attend a real circus. There’s something about the nomadic lifestyle that resonates with me. Even though I wasn’t a military brat, I moved around a lot, and most of my friends didn’t understand why. I like being on the road, I enjoy traveling by train, plane, and automobile, and I have daydreamed more than once about taking off in a trailer to travel off the beaten path.

Though the circus and carnival circuits are shrinking, there are other events popping up to take their places – Renaissance festivals, conventions, film sets, horse racing, and of course, musical acts that need to be on the road long hours to make all their tour destinations. Many of these people look to companies like Space Craft to provide trailers tailored to their specific requirements. In fact, it is mostly the circus and carnival crowd that keep returning to Space Craft for vehicles that will last through the long winters, hot summers, and many miles that make up the nomadic lifestyle.

Space Craft arrived on the trailer scene in the early 1960’s, but didn’t begin carving a niche for themselves in the custom trailer market until 1970. It is, however, the focus of the company and what they have become known for – each client’s needs are a little different, and Space Craft strives to perform above and beyond in providing their customers with the perfectly fitted trailer, whether they require an extra bedroom, more living space, or the patented electronic slide-out room.

One of the many benefits of working with Space Craft is that they care very much about crafting a space that fits each unique individual. They have a catalog of designs which can be tweaked to eliminate or add specific features, and they will take all custom measurements provided to ensure that the client’s needs (like oddly sized cabinets for specific items) are met. They manage to do this without costing much more than trailers rolling off the assembly line because they deal directly with clients.

There are several different types of trailers to choose from, including semi-trailers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toters. Whatever you want, Space Craft promises to deliver. If you’re interested in seeing video tours of their completed trailers or learning more about the company and the building process, you can do so at Space Craft MFG.

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