1955-57 Chevrolet 1/2 ton Pickup

Who doesn’t like an old Chevy pickup? Especially one with classic paint and just looking like its ready to be toured around town?

Did you know: There were actually two different Chevy pickups in 1955, known colloquially as First Series and Second Series. The First Series pickups were carryover 1954s; The base six carried over from the previous season, but even that had been substantially revised in 1954 with a new head, pistons and rods, bearings, and a more rigid crank; it was still based on the “cast-iron wonder” of 1929 that made Chevy a serious competitor in trucks. A re-engineered three-speed manual transmission and an open driveshaft were improvements on First Series ’55s that carried over to the Second Series.

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The Second Series 1955 was as new a truck as GM had ever put out: GM had a number of firsts on the ’55 truck line beyond the new body and chassis. The base six-cylinder was the same, but Chevy’s all-new 265-cu.in. V-8, shared with the all-new passenger cars, was the one that got everyone’s tongues wagging. A 12-volt electrical system, available overdrive in half-tons, and power steering were all firsts for GM in light trucks this season. (The Warner Overdrive employed was essentially a two-speed planetary gearset mounted in the tailshaft of the trans; the rear-end gear ratio was 4.11 versus the regular half-ton’s 3.90.)

This particular Chevy popped up on Hemmings recently (link below).

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