Fiat Spider 124: A Roadster That Wont Break the Bank

Are you wanting a fun reliable car with an impressive pedigree for under 30k? A vehicle by Fiat that recently returned to our shores, fun top down cruiser or even daily commuter. All of this is available in the 2017 Fiat Spider 124 that borrows from the Mazda Miata parts bin.

In it’s prior life in the U.S. market it was the classic two-seater roadster from 1966-1978, by the same name. However it did live on beyond that with a name change to Spider 2000. The vehicle is assembled in Japan, by Mazda, however does have the classic Italian design by Pininfarina. It is five inches longer and roughly 100 pounds heavier than the Mazda counterpart. The power plant is a 1.4 liter turbocharged four-cylinder, manufactured in Italy and shipped complete to Japan for installation.

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This engine produces 160 horsepower at 5500 rpm and choose the Abarth version for four more horses.

A six-speed stick is standard, which functions as great as found in the Miata. For those not wanting to shift a six-speed automatic transmission can be had for $1350 option. Fiat states a zero-to- 60-mph time of 6.8 seconds.

The Fiat features an acoustic windshield, greater padding in top, and sound deadening material under the carpet and along the firewall with the intention of lowering noise levels once the top is raised.

This in part represents the weight gain over the Mazda and yes is louder than riding in a family sedan, if you had to compare. If you want louder exhaust notes, you may opt for the Record Monza Dual Mode Performance exhaust; dealer installed.

This little Fiat is available in three trim levels; Classica, Lusso and Abarth. Fabric seats come in the Classica, with leather or faux-seats available for Lusso and Abarth. Passenger side leg room can be described as tight, if you are a six footer or greater.

This may not be the ideal “grocery getter” for some with families for the obvious, but seems to very much tick a lot of the must haves on many peoples list. It is priced very competitively, has some very nice packages or options and so far owner reviews indicate they simply love it!

By Willys6

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