Harley Davidson’s First Turbo Charged V-Rod

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Harley-Davidson’s Street Rod Promises to “Give Your Soul A Jolt”

I’ve only ever ridden a motorcycle once, but it was indeed a Harley-Davidson. I was going to dinner with a friend and when he arrived I was a little hesitant – I’d forgotten he didn’t have a car. I sat gingerly on the back seat and buckled my helmet, grateful that I’d had the forethought to wear something warm, as the evening was quickly turning cool – not to mention the wind resistance would become an issue once we reached the highway.

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I’ll never forget that first ride. It was something out of an 80’s action movie, or at least that’s what it felt like to me. I held on for dear life as we turned corners with abandon, raced through the downtown area, and located a parking spot. The ride back was even wilder, as it was completely dark. There’s nothing like hanging on for dear life late at night on the back of a motorcycle.

Now that I’ve had the experience, I’d be willing to try riding a motorcycle or even driving one, though I doubt there’s one I’d be more excited to try than a Harley-Davidson, especially after seeing the new line up, particularly the 2018 Street Rod. Starting at just under $9,000, the Street Rod promises to “redline your adrenaline” (according to the Harley-Davidson web page), “give your soul a jolt,” and “take you to the edge”.

Though I may not have been born an adrenaline junkie, I have been made one by my friends’ encouragement to try things like skiing, skydiving, ziplining, rollercoasters, and motorcycles. And with the new, aggressive Street Rod, I may have found the motorcycle that can race away from traffic jams while catering to my thirst for adventure.

New additions and upgrades to the 2018 Street Rod include the High Output Revolution X 750 engine, which not only provides the motorcycle with 8% more torque, but 18% more horsepower as well. Drag style bars with end mirrors give the bike a jaunty, sportier look while maintaining the aggression and fierce spirit of the original. Front and rear suspension have been re-worked to provide increased suspension travel. You don’t have to travel solo, either. The Street Rod comes with an additional seat for a passenger, as well as foot pegs so that everyone’s feet are comfortable – no easy feat when you’re riding a motorcycle for hours at a stretch.

Seat height maxes out just under 30 inches, and altogether the bike weights just over 500 pounds. There are customization options available as well, including things like bungee bars, an exhaust shield kit and air cleaner kit, and a reach seat. Of course, these options will raise the base price, but if you’re jonesing to go on a road trip with a friend or partner, you might want to look into these extras.

Want to see more of this beautiful new machine? You can go browse through Harley-Davidson’s website, try your hand at building your own custom Street Rod, or peruse the accessories as you daydream about that road trip you always wanted to take. Remember how it feels to have the wind at your back and the sunrise (or sunset) ahead of you? It might be time to dust off your leather jacket and your helmet and take some wheels for a spin.