2019 Lamborghini Urus… An SUV With 640 Horsepower And A 305kph Top Speed

There are some things you believe you will never hear coming out of your mouth. Things like repeating your mother’s words to your own children, or changing an opinion about a sports team or a film, or swearing in front of your parents. Or the phrase, “Lamborghini SUV”. I just never thought that those two words could be put together in the same sentence. But, here we are, in 2018, talking about the 2019 Lamborghini Urus, labeled the “first Super Sport Utility Vehicle”.

While it may be an SUV, Lamborghini has rushed to assure its clientele that this is a utility vehicle that loses none of the style of a Lamborghini. It retains the heart and soul of the super sports car with its design and performance, both categories in which, the company asserts, it has still not been beat out of by competitors. Whatever your opinions on Lamborghini, it is an interesting idea to combine a utility vehicle and sports car. I can see the appeal, the customer base is pretty built in, and it’s guaranteed to get some press either way.

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So what’s that combination like? The Urus has both the appeal of a weekend vehicle and a practical daily vehicle. Its SUV body does well in city but can go adventuring into the wild at a moment’s notice. You get the luxury and performance of a high-end car with the capabilities of a vehicle that can store camping equipment and everything and everyone you need for the ultimate getaway trip. There are several additional features, such as the ANIMA Selector (ANIMA stands for Adaptive Network Intelligence Management), of seven driving modes, and boasts of being the Lamborghini with the most options available.

According to Lamborghini, the Urus also has the distinction of having the best weight-to-power ratio of any SUV on the market. This is mostly due to the engine, a V8 bi-turbo engine capable of reaching 650 hp. It also comes with an 8-gear automatic transmission, carbon-ceramic brakes, and three driving systems to choose from, depending on where the majority of your driving will take place.

So how does the SUV version of the Lamborghini compare to the Super Sports Car we’ve become used to seeing on the road? Well, depends on who you ask. Those who look at the crossover with trepidation will find something wrong with it. Those who are on the Lamborghini wagon will try to sell it to anyone who will listen. And those of us in the middle are split as to its effectiveness, its future popularity, and its usefulness, since it’s so expensive that not many will be able to afford it. That being said, given the chance, I’d jump into the Urus and go for a spin. It’s quiet, comfortable, and drives easy.

If you want a somewhat personalized tour of the Urus, you can watch Doug DeMuro on YouTube. You can also look at the design and specifications on the Lamborghini website, or you can read up on a driver’s first impressions at Road & Track.