The GMC Cabover

1938 GMC COE

Did you know that the first “cabover” in the United States was revealed in 1899? While they were not quite what we think of when COEs are mentioned today, their introduction brought a slew of new designs and practical applications for trucks that were used for a variety of urban and rural jobs in the early 1900’s. COEs like the GMC are popular still, over a century later, though of course rules and regulations have come into play and were instrumental in varying designs, since there are limits to how long and wide the truck and trailer can be.

Over the years, COEs have enjoyed popularity in a wide portion of the globe, most notably North America, Australia, and Asia. While the GMC COEs are no longer being produced under the GMC label (most production ended sometime prior to 1990), older models are still on the road today, as garbage trucks, dump trucks, and haulers.

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Other GMCs, like the one below, have been rebirthed as unique vehicles tailored to their owners’ needs. They’re rare, but worth hunting down if you’re into collecting photos of antique or re-purposed vehicles. This one boasts a fifth wheel, low mileage (it was mostly stationary prior to the new owner’s purchase), and a gas ration card from World War II. You can visit the Old Chevy Trucks website to learn more about this particular model as well as other projects.

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