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Huge Kingsley Coach RV

RVs January 17, 2018

Huge Kingsley Coach RV

When driving a coach, you want to be comfortable and feel safe. The 2000 Kingsley Coach will give just the feeling you desire in a vehicle of this nature. This coach has 2 slide outs for sitting outside and food prep and sleeps 6 travelers. The stunning exterior shines like new and this coach wills surely stand out on the highways. It is a one-of-a-kind custom unit, no other one like it n the roads. This quality designed and built RV is showcase worthy and would do very well at truck shows. It is just that stunning. The Kingsley Coach is considered a racing RV. The floor plan is impeccable with three separate sleeping areas and a queen-sized bed in the bedroom. A great business vehicle to have, this coach is roomy with plenty of space for large groups, such as, bands, and sports teams.

This coach comes with an automatic transmission which is desired by many big rig drivers. Some of the luxuries and amenities that come with this coach are a wine cooler, a large multitude of cabinets, two televisions and satellite television signal. Many large coach drivers are lonely on the road, with this coach, whether for business or pleasure, you will have the space and comfort-ability you need to travel with a group. This coach also has the ability to be further customized to some of your needs. The step configuration can be personalized and if you require another sleeping area,a second sleeping sofa can also be added for just a couple thousand dollars. It is so worth it to be able to have the coach you really require.

Type Class C
Status Used
Length 36.00 ft.
Fuel Type Diesel
Odometer 80,000 mi
GVWR info N/A
Dry Weight info N/A
Sleeps 6
Slide-outs 2
Chassis N/A
Engine N/A
VIN Request VIN
Ad #7734879
Dealer Stock #16420

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Think you could build one of these?

RVs December 21, 2017

Think you could build one of these?

Wondering if you can build a teardrop camper? There are many reasons why you think you could. People from all walks of life are doing it and there is no reason why, with the right instructions and materials, that you couldn’t build your very own custom teardrop camper. The internet is full of those who built their own campers and the instructions on how they did it, but you will find that instructions and materials will vary because you can build a teardrop camper to suit your needs and also it depends on what kinds of materials you can afford or get your hands on for cheap or free. First things first, you do need a plan. If you are building this camper with a partner, you need to get together and sort out your ideas and then see see who has the natural talent for drawing up plans and designs.

Where you get your materials is dependent upon who and where you are. Some people have access to lumber and wiring because of their professions or are lucky enough to have friends with excess building materials, generous friends. If you don’t fall into any of the above categories, you will need to go to a lumber shop or home store, but it needs to be a place that also cuts wood unless you know how to do that on your own, which makes things even cheaper. You will also need instructions for any wiring projects such as electrical wiring that will give you lighting and/or heating and cooling if necessary. Electrical wiring can be a bit risky, so get some help with that if you have no idea what you’re doing.

Once your wood is cut, it’s time to start building:(these are skeleton brief instructions) Details are linked below.

First you need a trailer, and you have to choose your size. 4×8 or 5×8 is the standard, but if you come across a trailer of different dimensions, you could most likely still make it work.

Now you need a piece of plywood for your trailer base. It should ideally be a 1/2 inch thick, 4×8. Bolt it into place and make sure it is fitting properly or you will regret it later.

With the wood that has been traced and cut, now it’s time to begin making the walls.

Once the walls are up, now it’s time to start the interior roof. Every 2 feet attach a 2×2 or rib flush, as they’re called, to the walls.

Wiring your trailer comes next and remember if you need help, now is the time to ask for it. Electrical wiring is super important and it needs to be done correctly. You can hire an electrician or a friend who knows what he or she is doing, to assist you.

Now, this is a skeleton set of instructions, but you can get all the details you need to build your own teardrop camper here 

Though it may seem like a daunting task, all sorts of people with various professional and personal backgrounds have built their own teardrop trailers. The key is a set of good and clear instructions, the correct materials, and enough patience to follow the directions precisely.

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The Bowlus Road Chief

RVs November 28, 2017

Bowlus Road Chief

The Bowlus Road Chief is a super modern version of trailers of this kind.The shape is not only beautiful but also aerodynamic, which means that the driver will have smooth sailing on the roads and highways.Even with its unusual shape, the Bowlus is a light weight vehicle, which also makes driving smooth for any lucky owner. Because it is lightweight, this also assists in towing the Bowlus if needed. You can tow the Bowlus with the average sized car, which is a true plus and incentive for purchase. Some call it the Airstream’s descendant, because it looks somewhat like a modern version of those Airstream classic vehicles.

If one purchases a regular travel trailer, you would usually require a heavy duty truck to pull it and very special equipment to tow it from one place to another, should it break down. One Bowlus was towed with a Porsche easily, and not an SUV but a regular Porsche car. After the experiment, the Bowlus was said to tow like a “hollow aluminum bullet”, except this bullet is filled with heated flooring, a king-sized bed, and the often sought after WiFi. This is definitely a home on the road and can also be used as a temporary traveling home for a couple or small family. The Bowlus’ namesake is William Hawley Bowlus who grew up over 100 years ago in San Fernando, California.While the Bowlus family were farmers by trade, Hawley was busy building sail planes that resembled space ships. This was the inspiration for the Bowlus.

Any person who decides to own this Bowlus will have the experience of driving a vehicle with a classic story of a young boy, Hawley, who loved to perfect his talent of building aerodynamic vehicles. The Bowlus is certainly not your typical travel trailer but has many positives for newbies. Its light weight is one positive for a newbie travel trailer owner. The worries of how it will be towed or towed due to repairs, is made null and void. This travel vehicle makes it easier for new travel trailer owners to feel safe and secure. The last Bowlus which was un-restored  sold at auction at $187,000, which proves that this classic vehicle is still in high demand. The auctions also allows those who have never heard of the Bowlus or its great benefits, a way to get to know this amazing spaceship-like vehicle. The Bowlus is another great option for those who only know about the Airstream but want something a bit more modern and edgy in style.

With all of its advantages, the Bowlus is perfect for long distance travel, and vacation short trips. Some owners may decide to use this streamlined vehicle as a home as they travel across the country. The Bowlus stands far above the huge wood and fiberglass trailers on the road today. This modern version mimics what Hawley Bowlus created in the 1930’s.  The Bowlus Road Chief measures 8 inches wider, 4 inches taller and 13 inches longer than the original version. Anyone seeking the best in travel trailer vehicles would be truly satisfied with this model of the Bowlus and know that they are riding in a safe vehicle that will stand out on the road as drive. The Bowlus Road Chief is beautiful, luxurious and roomy on the inside and smooth on the road.What more could a travel vehicle owner desire.

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1986 Airstream Classic 345

RVs November 28, 2017

1986 Airstream Classic

The classic Airstream is quite popular these days as traveling and living on the road has become the dream of the retired and the millenials, who want to get away from the hassle of a busy life. So let’s talk about why the Airstream itself is so popular, especially this classic 1986 345 model.

First of all, the Airstream can, with good maintenance and care, last forever. This is primarily why they are classics. The unusual but highly recognizable shape is another reason travelers love this camper as much as they do. While most campers are rectangular and simply look like small trailer trucks, the Airstream takes on a forever modern look being rounded and curved which is very fashionable.

The Airstream was created by Wally Byam in 1932 and was considered as innovative then as it is now. The construction is aerodynamic with its aluminum styling and build, the 1986 Airstream still mimics the build and style of the Airstream that is made today. When purchasing this model you are getting a classic vehicle with a modern look and flare. Reliablity is another great reason why owning this 1986 Airstream 345 is a great idea for traveling by yourself or with family. Research done in 2006 found that 60-70% of Airstream camper trailers are still running at top condition on the road. You can depend on an Airstream and the Airstream name.

The Airstream can get up to 10 mpg when it comes to gas mileage. For a camper this is pretty good compared to many you see on the road. For a car, that would be expensive but for a vehicle like the 1986 Airstream 345, this is decent gas mileage and about what is expected from a camper trailer. When taking your family on the road, you want to be riding in a vehicle that is known for reliability and good gas mileage and safety. With the Airstream you get all of that plus an aerodynamic and attractive camper in which to travel. These are just some of the reasons that people are still interested in being Airstream owners. And this particular model comes with 5 awnings, how great is that for the times when you park for a short or long stay. You can stay protected from the sun and the rain. So many features will remind you of home and that is just what you want in a camper trailer.

To get a better idea of what’s under this aerodynamic RV, lets look at a recent 1986 model that came up for sale:

Item specifics
Condition: Used
Seller Notes: “normal wear and tear (see description below)”
Year: 1986 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 1GBKp37w2g3309563
Mileage: 79,000
Slide Outs: None
Make: Airstream
Fuel Type: Gas
Model: Classic 345
Length (feet): 35 Leveling
Jacks Included?: Yes
Water Capacity (Gallons): 31-40
Sleeping Capacity: 6
Air Conditioners: 2
Awnings: 5

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The Airstream 280

RVs November 25, 2017

1981 Airstream 280 28

The Airstream is the classic travel vehicle, sometimes now used for temporary homes and permanent dwellings. This is the new thing when it comes to the Airsteam, it has multiple uses depending on the owner. This 1981 Airstream 280 28 is in mint condition and sold by a private seller. The benefit of purchasing vehicles from private sellers is that they know everything about the vehicles as far as repairs and maintenance. The Airstream is its classic beautiful silver bullet color and rounded shape. It is perfect for singles who want to journey or small families going on trips across the country. It is one of the most sought after and reliable travel vehicles after all these decades. Though there are many new and classic refurbished trailers on the market and the roads these days, the Airstream is still in demand.

This particular model is a 1981 motorhome that is 28 ft. long  and comes with a 1970 Airstream trailer toy hauler.  Fully refurbished located in the beautiful state of South Carolina; this Airstream contains new tires, new AC with heat strips, new awning, and new toilet and toilet valves. These are great pluses for the new owner of this Airstream 280 28. It is a superb investment because these named repairs and replacements were all done after April 4th of this year.  The Airstream has always had a different retro look and styling and that look still draws buyers to date. The next owner will be happy with all of the amenities that comes with this particular model. New front seats, refrigerator, and beautiful hardwood floors, are more durable than tile.  This is important, especially if you are travelling with pets and/or children.

The toy trailer that comes with the Airstream travel vehicle is great for carrying items that will create bulk inside the regular-sized trailer, like bikes, golf carts, surfing equipment, and firewood. You can carry just about any convenience item with you without causing a crowded situation in the camper itself. Travelling with children may cause you to use the toy trailer for just that, kid’s toys. Children can get restless while travelling and this 1970 toy trailer comes in handy when it comes to packing and travelling with bulky items. The Airstream is fun for long distance travel or short weekend trips and vacations. It is reliable and durable and has an excellent reputation when it comes to safety.

Statistics show that Airstreams remain in excellent running condition on the road for many decades. This is, of course, if it is properly cared for and maintained. This 1981 Airstream 280 28 is just that; well-cared for and maintained. It has become a classic in excellent condition. The new owner will enjoy this Airstream for many more decades with the same level of care. Families and singles love the Airstream for travel and as we stated earlier, people are now using Airstream vehicles as tiny homes. It is a great investment well worth the price paid because of the versatility of uses. And with a private owner, you can have access to records so you know when to give your Airstream its next tune-up. You can ask questions that may be difficult to ask at an auction or dealership. It has stylish accents like matching pinstripes with the toy trailer and both trailer and toy trailer have both been polished to shine.

Year: 1981
Make: Airstream
Model: 280
Length: 28

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The Custom Hawk Blue Lightening

RVs November 25, 2017

2010 Hawk Blue Lightening

The 2010 custom Hawk Blue Lightening is an extraordinary travel trailer suitable for personal, business, and entertaining use. The striking blue color accented by the silver/black lightening strike design, make this diesel vehicle stand out above the rest. This type of vehicle is perfect for family trips with large families travelling, or for tours with bands or large shopping trips. The uses are endless. The Blue Lightening only has 17, 000 miles on the engine which is a huge plus for its next owner. It is almost like driving a new vehicle. The Blue Lightening is not only stunning but is in very good condition. This is the style of vehicle that can be utilized for major promotional events as well. Located in Tucson AZ., this beautiful travel vehicle comes at a reduced price for the next lucky owner. This is a great investment for anyone who loves to travel. For long trips, the Blue Lightening is like a home away from home.

The Hawk Blue Lightening is privately owned which is always an advantage for the buyer. Private sales make it easier to have access to the vehicle’s repair and maintenance records. Another great feature is the three slides that make this vehicle great for personal use or entertainment pleasure. The cab is made by Volvo and is new. It is not only attractive but comes with a reliable name like Volvo. Families would enjoy the spacious interior and large groups travelling together, will utilize its spaciousness even more for fans and guests while on the road. The Hawk Blue Lightening is also proudly equipped with a Volvo engine and a 13 speed Volvo transmission, another sign of quality and dependability. Any lucky buyer can rest assured that they are driving a vehicle built with the best automotive equipment.

The interior is just as beautiful and luxurious as the exterior, with Captain’s chairs in ultra leather upholstery. The Hawk Blue Lightening sleeps 6 comfortably and is still priced under $300,000 with all these luxury amenities. You will be travelling in style inside this well cared for and restored travel vehicle. This is a master travel vehicle on the road measuring 50 ft. Whether you are using the Blue Lightening for vacations or business travel, you will be in a vehicle equipped for your needs. There is a King-sized bed slide out, and a kitchen in one of the passenger slide outs with red oak, wall mounted cabinetry. Only the best is allowed for the Hawk Blue Lightening diesel truck. And only those seeking the best will have serious inquiries. You won’t miss out on any comfort from home, with a refrigerator/freezer, glass cooktop, and a convection oven for your use.

Surround sound also awaits you inside of the Hawk Blue Lightening. This vehicle is truly like a home away from home equipped with a china toilet, this type of travelling is perfect for those who are seeking the best in exteriors and interior design. If you have a personal chef with you, they will not be disappointed in the kitchen area. There is everything you need to create gourmet meals and plenty of space in which to move about the living and lounging areas. There is even an exterior gas hookup for grilling and BBQing your meals for family and guests. The Hawk Blue Lightening has everything you could want in a diesel travel vehicle and more. The new owners will definitely enjoy the experience.

TypeClass A – Diesel
Status Used
Length 50.00 ft.
Fuel Type Diesel
Odometer 17,000 m
Sleeps 6
Slide-outs 3

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A Custom Homegrown Trailer

RVs November 25, 2017

2016 Custom Homegrown Trailer

The tiny home is extremely popular these days, and this 2016 custom homegrown trailer is a perfect option. This trailer home was built to be able to remain stationery or travel by being towed from one location to another. The trailer is specifically made to suit certain needs of the owner. It has room for built-in beds and simple living. It is suitable for trailer parks, any legal forest areas or just families or couples that choose to stay on the road for travel and sight-seeing. This homegrown trailer is brand new and sleeps 4 people, it is built for singles, couples, and small families traveling or living in, as a permanent or temporary home.

The price of $32,00 is an investment that is well worth the money. You can spend time with your family, plus, you or your spouse, or enjoy some solitude and occasional visitors since you have the sleeping space. Some of this trailer home’s pluses are its solar panels, beautiful teardrop shape, comfortable interior, and full kitchen for those who love to make their own meals while on the road. There is a mini refrigerator/freezer for your convenience so that you can store small amounts of grocery. It also has a hard-side pop-top to give the owners more headroom if needed. There is lots of room to lounge and sit and the trailer has a table that seats 4 people for dining, or just having fun with company. This is everything a trailer home owner could ask for;  a safe vehicle, brand new,and fully loaded. Plus, the trailer is 100% solar-powered. This can be costly if you had to do it for yourself, however this trailer comes with with this expense included in the asking price. This is a beautiful trailer built with sustainable and non-toxic materials which is great for everyone but especially if you are traveling with children.

Trailers like this homegrown custom can give you access to nature and help you travel to places in the country where you can connect with nature and forests and any other natural habitats. This is why the investment is so great, a trailer like this is more than just a vehicle, it is a traveling home. Another convenience is the compost toilet. Once you get used to a compost toilet it is very easy to use. It simply requires emptying as all waste goes back into the earth. For some modern travelers this may take some time to get used to, but it becomes the norm once you use it for a while when traveling. The compost toilet is a great convenience and much better than stopping alongside the road or looking for coffee shops or public restrooms. The owner will have a gorgeous wood paneled trailer with many amenities. This is perfect for families with small children. Plus you are doing something that is good for the environment. The solar panels also help to assist families with sustainable living.

For those seeking to get close to nature or simply travel through the U.S. and Canada, this is the perfect trailer that is a travel vehicle, weighing only 2500 lbs. You can go on a family expedition or park for a few days in a legal park  or forest area or trailer park. This gives you time to explore our earth with those you love or you may be on a solitude adventure, still having space for company you may connect with along the way. You can further customize this homegrown trailer with more solar panels, and you can rearrange the eating, sitting, and dining spaces to suit your own requirements. Homegrown trailers also offers various exterior and interior colors to suit your liking. It is really like building a tiny home for yourself , you and your family, or customizing a vacation vehicle for summer and/or holiday travel. This trailer can also be a comfortable refuge for winter travel.

Length 19.00 ft.
Weight info 2,700 lbs
Sleeps 4

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A Tiffin Allegro with 4 Slide Outs

RVs November 22, 2017

2015 Tiffin Allegro RED 38QBA

The Tiffin Allegro 38QBA is a luxurious travel bus perfectly fit for any family who wants to travel in comfort. It is also suitable for business travel such as band tours and concerts. If you are seeking comfort and reliability, plus a lot space in the interior, the Tiffin is your vehicle. There are some major features that come along with the purchase of this Tiffin model, such as the advantage of having only one owner. When a vehicle has had only one owner, they can tell you the complete history of that particular vehicle and should have records for repairs and any changes made to the model. This Tiffin Allegro offers that advantage for its next owner. This model comes loaded with all you need for a fabulous travel experience and it is in excellent running condition.

The interior is gorgeous with dark tan seating, a semi-full kitchen with space to move around. There is also a very comfortable seating area for dining with family and friends. There are many ways in which this investment can serve you. There are some people looking to travel for long periods of time and the Tiffin Allegro has all you need for a long journey. It is literally home away from home. It is also well-suited for short trips and vacations across the country. For some, the Tiffin Allegro can act as a temporary home to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the 9-5 work hours. You can take a 6 month break using the Tiffin as home or even a year, if you have the freedom.

This Tiffin Allegro Red 38QBA has freightliner chassis, only 4000 miles on the engine and includes bunk beds for your relaxation. Families will love the Tiffin, as it has spaces for gathering together. You can use the dining area for meals and watching television. The seating is just that comfortable. There is also a living room area with two sofas and extra seating that is a great space for family and friends to hang out together to chat and enjoy each other’s company, just like home. There are two lounge recliner chairs for further relaxation. Walking space is ample. The Tiffin is not built in tight spaces but instead has a lot of open space so that a few people can be comfortable moving about the bus. The deep brown wood accents add a richness to the interior of this vehicle. The exterior is just as gorgeous and says luxury to all who see this Tiffin Allegro.

For business use, the Tiffin is perfect for a band traveling together or a solo artist. There is plenty of sleeping space and some members can even utilize the two sofas for sleeping. Whether business or personal use, the Tiffin Allegro 38QBA is a superbly beautiful travel bus that mimics the comforts of home. Nothing on the road surpasses its luxurious look inside and out. It is a perfect vehicle that will satisfy the needs of the most prestigious querents. The bus comes with a full oven and stovetop and a Sharp microwave/convection oven. You have everything you need to serve great meals to a family or friends or business people traveling together. These are some of the main features missing from many travel buses, however these features come with the Tiffin Allegro. Its new owners will appreciate all of its amenities.

2015 Tiffin Allegro RED 38QBA
Freightliner Chassis
40ft. – 4000 miles
6.7 ISB 340HP Cummins Diesel Engine

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