Bunkhouse Coach

This stunning white and deep red accented coach was originally built to move sports teams from one location to another for games and practice. The coach sleeps 25 but has room for 39 when it comes to seating. You can count on its reliability due to being built with a new 780 model Volvo. This is a rig that is huge , with an all steel rear cargo bay with a drop-down ramp for transporting  large sports equipment. This is a top of line coach constructed out of steel plating  and a tough coating of bed liner material. The cargo bay rear doors are also huge for easy loading. This is quite a convenience for teams traveling with oversized cargo.

There is extra storage on the right side of the rig just a little rear of the entrance door. Extra room for cargo would serve many different industries well. You can use this coach as a business to carry bands and their equipment as well as sports teams. There is a flip down for easy loading of large equipment. You can simply roll the equipment inside the cargo area. This is perfect for loading all types of equipment. The exterior paint job is stunning in a two-tone design of white and red. The paint job is also top notch with a clear coat design that causes a shine that is hard to miss. This large coach has the luxury look of a high-end vehicle. Any company would be proud to drive this luxurious coach.

If you are carrying a lot of people there are extra roof AC units for keeping your occupants cool in hot weather. This is one of this rig’s best conveniences, to be able to transport teams and bands in full comfort. The coach has an entertainment set-up that uses a live tracking satellite system feeding 3 different channels on a 30 plus inch television screen, one for each bunk, and a larger LCD unit in each of the rig’s lounge areas. Your occupants won’t miss the comforts of home in this rig. And all rigs such as this one has a heating system so that it is comfortable in hot and cold weather. This is perfect for hockey teams and any sports team that plays in the winter months, as well as spring and summer. No matter the season, the rig will keep everyone comfortable at all times.

The coach also comes with the versatility of having enough bunks plus lounge areas so that some can sleep, while others enjoy the entertainment. This feature can also be customized. There can be more bunks if needed or more lounge areas.  Everything you need for a comfortable and reliable travel, you get in this rig. You can even design a lounge area in the cab of the coach for meetings and other types of gatherings. This is often needed among sports teams and large bands. They can work while they play with all the the other comforts and amenities. The bunk beds can be stacked in three’s and four’s, but either way, they are made with real hard wood for those heavy guys on sports team. All will be comfortable while they sleep, travel, and rest on this dynamic coach.

Sleeping 25 on this Rig Seating for 39

Built with a new 780 model Volvo

13,500 watt Kabota diesel generator remote liquid cooled ( easy to maintain and work on in our steel bay )

2800 watt inverter and shore power cord bay

80 Gal fresh water tank with heaters and level sensor system

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