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Depending on where you are in the world, your dream vehicle could be extremely different from someone else’s. People have all kinds of ideas about what the perfect vehicle would look like and some of these ideas border on the bazaar. In the U.S. south and southwest your vehicle wish list may be one that does a little of everything, like on-road, off-road capabilities, or be able to cut down grain. Whatever the differences, this list below will show you some of the wildest and most creative vehicles created. Certainly, none of these vehicles came off the showroom floor looking this way and many were never on a showroom floor, but lay only in the mind of the creator.

We’ve got boat tractors, motorcycles that resemble cows and bulls, double passenger bikes with a lounge chair attached, and big rigs that are limousine hybrids. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating the vehicle you’ve always dreamed of, and for many people, their perfect vehicle is not about luxury, it is about performance. It is all about how much the vehicle can do. This is why most of the vehicles below are hybrids in that they are two types of vehicles combined to make one. Some of these vehicles have to do with salvaging an old vehicle that the owner does not want to give up. There is wood panels used to replace doors, two cars combined to make a limo. Imagine going to the prom in a limo made from a mini van and luxury vehicle rear. You will surely get noticed.

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Enjoy the pics below in our gallery of funny weird vehicles from the minds of some creative people.