Citroen Tubik

Citroen Tubik

The Tubik’s predecessor, fondly recalled as “The Tub”, played a major part in its design, as the Tubik is a passenger van, and it’s designed as the perfect SUV/van for shuttling businessmen back and forth between hotels, business meetings, and corporate lunches.

Vehicle designers are beginning to understand that things have changed since the introduction of personal and passenger vehicles. Many people are beginning to prefer carpooling, or sharing a shuttle rather than having to drive their own vehicle back and forth to the airport, work, or a special event. It is becoming easier to share rides, especially with apps like Uber. This is why Citroen has decided to continue in the market with its latest addition, the Tubik.

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What makes the Tubik special, however, is its futuristic design. It has sleek, striking lines, with a panoramic passenger window and a side door that curves over the top, providing ample space to move in and out of the vehicle to any of the nine possible passengers. The driver also has a specially designed door, which closely resembles a gull wing door, which has to be one of my favorite features from any sports car, now residing on a shuttle van that looks like it could be owned by the Jetsons.

The outside isn’t the only part of the Tubik that appeals to those who enjoy a bit of futuristic design. The inside is maybe even more advanced, with a driver’s “cyclotron”, Citroen’s vision of a one-stop, one-spot, circular apparatus that combines everything the driver will need to direct the vehicle. The Tubik also sports fingerprint recognition, as well as cameras placed in the front and back, allowing for a wider range of vision than most drivers have ever had.

Seats can be laid down, providing those with wanderlust a perfect vehicle in which to hit the open road, though from the looks of it you’d be going from glamorous party to photo opp instead of stopping at campsites and tiny museums. Whatever it will be used for, the Tubik is prepared for anything.

If you’re curious about Citroen’s new model, you may want to head over to their official website and take a glance through all the Tubik photos. You’ll be mesmerized by the shifting lines, the bright visuals, and the decadent luxury that oozes from this vehicle. Trust me, if you get a chance to ride this shuttle, jump in, you’ll be in for the ride of your life.