Which Travel Trailers Are Made in Canada?

Much of the older generation still believes that brand loyalty is something to strive for, and though younger generations may not be as inclined, there’s still something to be said for knowing which brands work best for you. There are plenty of American brands available, but what about other offerings in North America? There are several Canadian brands that could be considered as well, both well-known and obscure, with plenty of options as to size, type, and cost.

The Safari Condo, for instance, is an aluminum travel trailer that caters to evironmentalists with a design that creates as little drag as possible to conserve fuel, and it’s made with nearly 100% recyclable parts. It also has a retractable roof and tinted glass for both privacy and freedom, whichever you decide you want on a given day. It also has an adjustable suspension height.

If you’re looking for a travel trailer for yourself and the family, and you’re in or at least closer to Canada, you may want to look up these brands and do some research: Safari Condo, Roulette ProLite, Taylor Coach, Armadillo Trailers, Bigfoot RV, and Escape Trailer. All of these are Canadian-based companies, working to build high quality travel trailers for travelers. If you get to rent or buy a travel trailer, make sure you don’t ignore Canada when planning out your North American trips.