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ARI Legacy Sleepers

Trucks October 6, 2017

The story behind the beginning of ARI is a testament to what can be accomplished when a diverse group of individuals unite for a common cause. Seven individuals comprised the entire company at the start, the majority having spent time working in the industry. The others were owner operators and RV industry people, and together they built ARI into what it is today, a company that builds custom sleepers for commercial and leisure use.

The two touchstones of ARI being quality customer service and customizing their sleepers to suit the needs of clients, ARI touts its product as “the best sleepers on the road”. With returning customers, appearances on the History channel, and growing recognition, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who vehemently disagrees.

Each ARI sleeper is made to the specification of the client, so there aren’t any general specifications for their vehicles. They do everything from custom builds to factory conversions, including plumbing, electricity, and installations. If you’re curious about the end products, you can visit their website to see a custom sleeper video tour, or follow their YouTube channel. They also have several high quality photos on their site to show the variety of work they do.

While many sleepers are used commercially by truckers, the leisure side is well established. Retired couples, people with a travel bug, or even small families travel around the countryside and down the highways in these comfortable sleepers, whether they’ve converted their Kenway, Western Star, or Volvo.

Installations in the conversions as well as the custom builds include hardwood finishes, showers, toilets, refrigerators, and even TVs and microwaves. With these modern conveniences, it’s easy to see why people are hitting the road. ARI even built a custom sleeper with a miniature garage for a client who wanted somewhere to park his motorcycle.

ARI’s care for their customers and attention to detail when making custom builds means that you will have a unique sleeper that fits your needs, not a generic vehicle in which you have to make do. Whether you want a cozy interior, a spartan appearance, or cleverly concealed extra space, ARI promises to provide exactly what you want.

The newest market for ARI are the many couples and families considering tiny homes – and sleeper companies have branched out to include these new customers. With the knowledge and equipment already in hand, ARI and others offer tiny home amenities and builds to a variety of clients, all with varying needs, whether stationary or traveling. This might seem like a trend to some, but the evolution of ARI and other sleeper companies shows that they have been on this bandwagon for a very long time, and will likely keep evolving to meet the needs of their clients.

If you want to learn more about ARI, you can visit their website at Legacy Sleepers. You can also find them on YouTube and Facebook, as well as the History Channel. If you’re considering a tiny home, a custom sleeper, or a conversion, make sure you visit their website to learn how they can help you create the sleeper of your dreams. They are easily reached by e-mail or phone. Or, you can visit them in Shipshewana, Indiana and take a look around to see what they have available.

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