Chrome Shop Mafia: You Wanna Play Rough?

There’s nothing like being a kid and getting told you can pick one toy off the shelf. The possibilities are endless, and the decision-making process can be harrowing. You debate things like how long the toy is likely to last, which one has brighter colors, who else has the toy, and if you can possibly convince your parent or grandparent that two would be better than one. As you get older, your toys just get bigger. At least, that’s what my dad says.

It can still be difficult to choose, however, because the options (depending on your financial resources) are infinite. Do you want a drone? A boat? A four-wheeler? Or maybe you want to combine work with pleasure and get a truck. It can haul equipment, luggage, or merchandise, and you can outfit it with all sorts of accessories, upgrades, and paint jobs. There are stores all over the world that specialize in truck “toys”, host truck shows, and offer unique decals, wraps, and paint, but I haven’t quite seen another like the Chrome Shop Mafia in Joplin, Missouri, part of the 4 State Trucks family.

The Chrome Shop Mafia not only provides custom parts, free installation guides, CSM merchandise, and a rewards program (check out the press releases and details about it here), it also takes part in truck shows like the Guilty By Association Truck Show, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year in September, and were the stars of a 5 season, 41-episode run of a reality TV program entitled “Trick My Truck”, which can now be purchased and viewed on the iTunes or Amazon Prime platforms. They eat, sleep, and breathe trucks and it shows in their incredibly imposing, awe-inspiring gallery of work. They’ve also got a community Facebook page with a 4.7 star rating, with videos, blog posts, photos, an e-mail list, and a place where you can request their catalog.

Most truck makeover companies that I’ve researched do not have this kind of online audience. The Chrome Shop Mafia is dedicated to working with clients, putting together amazing trucks, and showing off their incredible skills. Not only do they care about their social media presence, their reputation, and their advertising, they care about their customers, the people who keep them in business. It’s getting more rare to find a company like that these days. It takes a special love to provide such high quality work.

If you want to see what sort of shenanigans the Chrome Shop Mafia gets up to, you can check out their latest updates on their Facebook page. If you’d rather peruse their merchandise, view their gallery of photos and videos of past projects, or find out when their next truck show is, you can do that by clicking this link to their website. And remember, if you’re an adult now and can make your own decisions about which toys you want, the Chrome Shop Mafia is a great place to start looking for that bigger, better, badder toy.