Peterbilt 579

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” Whenever I think of the Peterbilt company, this is the quote that comes to mind. What began as an issue with the logging business turned into a nearly 80-year old company providing trucks to customers throughout North America. T.A. Peterman’s problem-solving skills allowed him to reinvent the logging business and begin a new wave of industry that has now become the gold standard.

Peterbilt, a subsidiary of Paccar, has two plants that produce their range of trucks, one in Denton, Texas, and one in Saint-Therese, Quebec. Originally, the trucks were put together in California (Oakland and Newark) and Madison, Tennessee, with headquarters moving from California to Texas in the 1990’s. After 2009, all plants and headquarters were closed or moved to Texas and Quebec.

The Peterbilt 579 is one of the newer vehicles, more aerodynamic due to its 2.1 meter cab, which was built for maximum driver comfort with lots of space to spread out, as well as a detachable sleeper, and efficient fuel consumption. It’s made with lightweight aluminum, comes with standard air disc brakes, and a redesigned, more ergonomic dash. It sports a 123” BBC as well.

This redesign was completed after consulting drivers via testing and interviews, which goes to show the lengths to which Peterbilt will go in order to ensure that the people actually driving their trucks have a practical, quality vehicle in which to conduct their day-to-day business. It’s for reasons like this that people consider Peterbilt the pinnacle of vocational vehicles.

The Class 8 Peterbilt 579 is built to maximize weight savings, provide a comfortable workspace for the driver, and to retain a high resale value, due to its versatility and detachable sleeper. It is also one of the new line of eco-friendly trucks produced by Peterbilt, with a variety of alternative fuel platforms available, including a choice between liquid or compressed natural gas or an electric motor, making the 579 the most cost-effective Class 8 vehicle in the world.

The 579 is perfect for those truckers who may at times need a vehicle that can accommodate quick changes and adapt to various changes in weather and road surfaces. Whether you’re going to be hauling logs, boxes of merchandise, or cars, Peterbilt’s 579 is up for the job. It’s a tough, long-distance hauler capable of keeping costs to a minimum while maximizing profit. A pioneer from the beginning, and a true North American legend, Peterbilt’s commitment to providing a quality product, reducing emissions, and finding ways to make these vehicles accessible to any size business is a large part of why they remain so popular, nearly 80 years after T.A. Peterman first took old military vehicles and created the prototype for the first Peterbilt.

Since the 1930’s, Peterbilt has been at the forefront of the trucking business, and shows no signs of slowing down. Branching out into eco-friendly options, creating a versatile truck with several available additions, and listening to their customers on the comfort and safety of their vehicles will ensure that Peterbilt remains at the top of the list for consumers for a long, long time.