Semi Sleeper Cabs

The value of custom sleepers for semi trucks has a lot to do with money savings on trucker’s other accomodations. It costs a lot to get a big roomy semi sleeper fabricated onto a tractor unit, or even a big sleeper truck that’s not a big rig, but that means every night the driver is on the road, he or she doesn’t have to pay for a hotel or motel. It’s the truck sleeper cab life!

It’s also useful for RVers or people who drive commercial transport, even owner-operators, who don’t have a house of their own, or even a rental in some cases, because they can live out of their semi sleeper. Some of them are even up to luxury RV motorhome standards – semi trucks with showers and toilets, couches and entertainment systems, that allow their owners to use them for road trips for fun as well and camp out.

They also could be said to increase the types of jobs a driver or owner-operator can take on, because his required costs are lower without hotels, and he doesn’t have to schedule his trip or driving legs around stopovers.

The cost of a big sleeper trucks extra large unit is said to be around $200000, but that’s for a new luxury large sleeper unit with all the trimmings. Some of the best ones are being made by ARI trucks. You can obviously get them cheaper, and a used tractor that has a sleeper on it is usually cheaper than that price. This can be measured against the cost of a cheap apartment or house, which starts at $40,000 or so for the very cheapest, and goes up from there.